Monday, September 12, 2011

The birthday girl

Some of my kids brithdays are hard for me, they grow so fast and much of the time, I just want my kids to stay little for as long as I can possibly keep them that way.  Bethany's 7th birthday wasn't sad at all for me, I am so proud of her and eager to watch her grow.  The way she takes off to learn and explore the world makes me proud. 
Bethany is the daughter that never has to be spurred on to think deeply or search for answers. Her mind is always wondering and seeking to understand God and His purposes.  She excites me and makes my life incredible.  We share many common characteristics, she and I look alike, we think alike and I always feel like we are on this motherhood/daughterhood journey together.  We share equally in our learning from one another.  God  uses her life to refine me and point me to Jesus.  And my main purpose in being her mother is to point her to Jesus daily.
Her birthday this year was very cold and drizzly.  In fear that I'd get busy and not take some pictures for her 7th birthday another day we went out into the backyard and she shivered through my coaxing.  She tried to make me happy and have a good attitude which is something I will always remember and appreciate about these pictures in pink.  She was giddy and silly, she stuck out her tongue and made funny faces, and begged me to "Take it!" 
I did carve out some extra time over the weekend and we drove around our local countryside and borrowed a cornfield, a gravel road to an abandon house and God provided us with lots of sunshine.

She has acted so much older since her birthday.  Joe and I took her on a date for her birthday and ended up taking Brady with us, so that my sister wouldn't have to take 3 kids with her to her church service.  When I asked if she minded that Brady came along, she said, "Of course not!"  God definitely knew what He was doing by making her the oldest, she is a great big sister.  It's a hard role to fill but she wears it well.
We took her to Barnes and Noble after eating at Cracker Barrel so that she could get a free treat for her birthday.  She could've cared less about the cookie, but loved every minute of sitting in the bookstore reading.  She read 3 storybooks aloud to us.  I love her special ways!
7 years with her have been so much fun, challenging at times and I know more challenges to come, but I love my sweet daughter beyond all words.


Anonymous said...

What a special tribute to your precious daughter. I love the black and white picture in the corn field. Just beautiful!!!

Lyndsay Taylor said...

what a treasure you both (and your talents!!) are!