Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm busy

  •  This is my anniversary week {8 years} and Bethany's birthday week {7 years}.  We've been celebrating and reminiscing and thanking God for our life together.  That was all at the beginning of the week, which feels like a long time ago now, perhaps I'll be able to get in a real blog post soon and really share my thoughts.  Then again, it might be like so many other blog posts, only written in my head.
  • Brady surely to goodness is teething.  Not even his first tooth yet, but he's been fussing for 3 days.  Today was so bad everytime he cried I'd start singing some silly version of a made up song and he's stop to listen and smile.  He wants me to hold him more, not that it seems to help.  I guess he'd just rather cry in my arms than out of them.  Such a joy, he is!
  • Jenna has been equally as fussy as Brady and she isn't teething.  She gets in these funks sometimes and all she does is whine and complain to get attention.  It's exhausting to ignore when needed and deal with when needed, and know when which is needed.  She also going in and out of phases where she pees in the bed at night.  {We're in said phase right now!} We've been stringing several nights in a role together and that is hard for me to deal with at 2:45 am.
  • I'm purging our house, while switching over summer to fall clothes.  The clothes are starting to come alive, it's like a crazy science experiment that went badly.  4 kids clothes, which ones to keep for the later child, which ones will fit by the end of winter but don't now.  Which ones are worth storing for  years and why I don't I just get rid of them all!?
  • I've signed up to sell at a local consignment sell but haven't entered my first item into the computer for tagging.  I have until Saturday at noon and then I won't be able to enter anymore items.  The countdown is racing and so far I have an entire room filled with stuff to enter.
  • We are blessed to have so much junk that is worth selling and I am thrilled at the oppurtunity to make some  money, while de-toxing our house.  But it's hours and hours, hours that I don't have in abundance right now.
  • The supper dishes aren't washed yet.  We had spaghetti so that should a frustrating experience, scraping off dried noodles.
  • I just had my shower for the day and it's nearly 9.
  • I see an all-nighter in my future, either tonight or tomorrow night working on all this stuff.  At this point I'm cleaning out stuff that I really don't want to get rid of just to find some extra space and make our home a little more peaceful.
  • Must go do said dishes, and prep my coffee pot for the morning.
  • P.S. Please overlook my typos, I haven't time to fix them, I'm busy remember!


~Mom~ said...

Looks like you have some mighty good help there. :) He is sure a cutie.
Praying for a good nights rest for you and a peaceful day tomorrow with lots of GOOD help and LONG naps.
Love you,

OneMommy said...

First, super cute pic!
Second, one thing at at time. I know how overwhelming going though kid's clothes can be. I just did it myself. And now I'm wishing I'd kept the 18 months and 2 Toddler clothes that were a little short on my son and daughter b/c the 2T are too long on him and the 3T are dragging the floor for her... But, too late now! LOL. Maybe next year I'll remember that!

Sarann said...

You should take the consignment money and go on a mini vacation!

Anonymous said...

I'm consigning some of Mylee's clothes too- but they were all freebies that I got out of someone's trash pile (it was a nice trash pile, they were obviously expecting someone to pick them up). They're not her nice clothes, those are being stored for Selah! I agree though, it feels good to detox and get that which we don't need out of the house. Glad your week was enjoyable!

Sidnie said...

I'm busy right now too.
It's been months since I cleaned out, scrubbed down, and paid attention to the house. Heck, I couldn't tell you the last time I put laundry away. We've lived out of laundry baskets for so long now...
It's time to re-evaluate the way we're living and CHANGE it.
The first steps involve folding and putting laundry away and purging.
I've pulled so much out of our closets and it's all found a home in one of 3 bins in the hallway- mail to mom, donate, trash.

I do not miss teething. Not at all. It's a difficult stressful time.
I need to potty train Cade soon- and I'm not looking forward to it. Austin never wet the bed at night and I fear that I will be up in the middle of the night often changing sheets with Cade.

I usually shower at night before I go to bed, so a shower at 9 would actually be a little early for me! :)

I'm not sure if I remember where you are in the states, or if it's even come up in our emails. I think I've seen football tshirts on your blog before, so I think I know where-ish you are... anyway, all of that to say, I was thinking today how I wish you were on twitter, so we could connect more. :) and that when we get back to the states, I would love to meet up with you somehow, someway. :)

hope your week was awesome.and that you're able to enjoy a relaxing weekend!!

BARBIE said...

OH Brady is a cutie pie! Hopefully the teething will not be too painful. Hope things calm down for you soon.