Thursday, September 1, 2011

The perfect ending to my day

The kids had an early bedtime tonight, I put them to bed and went downstairs to recover some of the house from it's daily sabotaging.  The typical scraping dried cereal off the table, running the Swiffer, ponly to pick most of leftover supper up off the floor with my hands because the Swiffer couldn't pick it up, readying the coffee pot for tomorrow, loading the dishwasher for the final time, throwing pillows one the couches, sorting random things left laying around, that came from random places and making sure I had taken my vitamins before heading upstairs for the night.
An hour after I'd put the kids to bed I came upstairs and heard the girls talking to each other.  Tonight, neither of them had come out to tell on the other for calling them a chicken or a smarty pants or bossy pants.  That usually happens at least 3-10 times a night.  I looked toward their door and saw that the closet light was shining underneath the crack.  I went in to find this...
Two sisters talking on the phone to each other
Just like best friends, because that's what they are, even though they don't know it yet
I guess Jenna got a little tired of the rambling
It's the little things, always the little things.  I love my girls, they are precious!


OneMommy said...

Such adorable pictures! I love when I can capture a moment like that!
I'm sure they will be best friends -

Wanting What I Have said...

What a sweet and fun surprise for you!!! They are adorable! And I am SUPER happy to see stuff on the floor. Makes me feel normal. :)