Friday, September 30, 2011

So, I may not have said this before...

but fall is my absolute favorite! {go ahead and roll your eyes! :)}
And it might just be Brady's favorite too, at least he loved sitting in the pumpkins.  He is such a boy, who loves exploring new spaces and things.  Can we say happy?!

Brady turned 9 months on the 6th, so he's almost 10 months.  We just had his well visit last Friday.  He weighed 20lbs and 5oz and was 28 inches long.  He babbles ma-ma and da-da and can say hi and bye.  When we were at the hospital visiting my niece it was dark outside and he was watching his reflection in the window.  He smiled and waved his baby fingers and said, "Hi" to himself.  It was adorable!
We are no longer feeding him baby food, he's too messy.  His fist go in his mouth every bite and he plays with it.  He also fusses and cries while I'm feeding him.  I've found that finger type foods he can feed himself or more chunky table food work best.  It's a little complicated since he has yet to cut a tooth!  Bethany was 10 months when she got her first tooth so maybe next month it will happen for him too.
He's a busy boy, always stuffing something oversized or undersized in his mouth and trying to climb on anything.  He loves to play in piles of laundry, clean or dirty.  Over the course of our visit with family, he rode in the stroller often.  He was always completely bent forward staring down at the wheels of the stroller watching them go round and round.  He did the same thing at Target riding in the shopping cart.  I can already imagine him and Joseph taking things apart and having fun building stuff together.  It's exciting to see his little mind working like Joseph's already.
Happy Fall!


Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Now normally I'm a summertime girl, but I think I'm catching on to your love of fall. Especially after such a hot summer! We've got the windows open and a breeze blowing through the house, and I can smell the leaves. It's pretty nice. You just may have had it right all along. ;)
PS - LOVE the pics of Brady - what a cutie pie!!

Eleana said...

I love fall too, there are so many beautiful vibrant colours and I kind of like the chill creeping back in the air. I love the pictures you take, Brady is especially adorable with his toothless grin :)