Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This child of mine

We gave Bethany Oil Pastels for her birthday, a brand new art supply. 

The next day I posted on Facebook,
2 kids are napping and 2 are playing in the backyard, exclaiming "Land ho!" I love fall and hearing their laughter and pretend play coming through the open windows.
This was not entirely true.  Jenna wasn't napping.
She was breaking in Bethany's Oil Pastels... 
Literally, breaking.
 The doll took most of her creativity.  The walls, bunk beds, sheets and carpet were not neglected.
The next day Jenna came down from napping with an orange face, upon questioning she claimed innocence.  That day she came across an overlooked Oil Pastel and also happened upon Bethany's brand new coloring pencils. 
Bingo! Art time again.  Her church clothes were covered in orange and her sheets were orange.
Oil Pastels do wash out.
The next day, she destroyed Bethany's art binder with all her artwork from the past 3 years in plastic pages.  She took every. single. page. out of the sleeves and every. single. sleeve. out of the binder. 
Joe and I concluded that is a good thing that God made her so cute, because if not we probably would harm her!

Yesterday morning as I was getting Brady out of his crib he kept looking around me to smile at Jenna.  I told Jenna and they smiled at each other.  As we started for the stairs to get breakfast Jenna said, "Mommy, I love having a baby brother."

Make. Mush. Of. My. Heart.
Did someone say something about Oil Pastels?


~Mom~ said...

God must be working forgiveness and mercy in Bethany's heart. :)Poor thing. My little # 3 grandchild is such a brave, daring, adventurous, curious, and mischievous little thing. She is definitely a 3rd child.

Sarann said...

The joys of being a parent! Jenna is a cutie, looks a lot like her Daddy!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, reading this after dealing with child #1, #3 and #4 {Sasha is #2 and was watching tv quietly while the boys fought over one toy}.

Will we ever understand what goes on in their wee minds? I doubt it so I'll join with you in remembering those mush moments!


Eleana said...

I couldn't help but laugh... not that the clean-up would have been fun but from following your blog - Jenna's character is shining so brightly. How did Bethany cope?