Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fancy Bethany and Fancy Jenna

I took the girls to a Fancy Nancy Party at the public library.  Bethany has loved reading Fancy Nancy books for several years and she and Jenna enjoy playing dress up and going to "royal balls".  Both of the girls were so excited, Jenna kept saying over and over on the way to the party, "Mommy, I can't wait to get there!"  She and Bethany were giddy and chatty all morning.
My mom tied their hair up yesterday so that it would be curly for the party.
 I didn't even realize until I uploaded these pictures that Jenna was doing her classic crossed eyes pose.

 At the party they ate a yummy snack and played a game.  They had to cover their eyes while the librarian took something off of a table with lots of fancy things on it.  Then they had to guess what was missing.

After reading two Fancy Nancy stories they made paper flowers and paper purses.  The flowers were easy and fun to make, the purses required me to cut out two huge poster boards, one for each of them.  I had a socially debilitating headache and was so over scissors.  I was ready to cut my hand off so that I could go home and hide from the light.  I persevered only to hear Bethany tell me that, "she really didn't like it anyway." :)

It was so worth it though, they both had such a great time and looked adorable.  Girls are too much fun.  Jenna has decided in the past week that purple is her favorite color.  She is telling everyone who will listen.  Every time she sees something purple she will say something that ends with, "and it's my favorite color."  The librarian was explaining how to make the paper flowers and mentioned that she had all kinds of colors, red, yellow, pink and purple.  Jenna hopped up out of her seat, got in Bethany's face and said, "SISSY!  She has purple, that's my favorite color!!"  I had to laugh later when they were making purses, all of the girls got hot pink poster board.  Jenna stuck out her bottom lip and said, "I hate pink!"  She sat there in her very pink outfit!


Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Yay for PURPLE! Go Jenna!

Sarann said...

How adorable, now I really want a girl!!!

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Eleana said...

Fancy Nancy rocks! I love how adorable your girls are.