Sunday, October 23, 2011

Small trials, small delights

It's been a long sick week at our house.  Even George was sick, on Monday he had a fever and the kids rallied around him to nurse him back to health.
That morning I couldn't bear to stop their play to start school at our normal time because they were playing so well and cute together.
Joe and Bethany weren't feeling the best last Sunday evening and that progressed into the next few days.  By mid-week they were both overtaken by some kind of stomach bug that drug out.  Thursday morning I was woken up at 4 am by Bethany calling for me and making her way to our bedroom, projectile vomiting all the way.  That was the start to a very rough morning, especially since I was already queasy from pregnancy.  No need to share the details, but it was rough.
I called my mom and asked if she could rescue Brady from our germ infested house, in hopes he wouldn't catch anything.  She came over and took all three of the younger well children to her house for the next 24 hours.  It was such a blessing, they didn't get the stomach plague and I was able to rest, take care of Bethany and sanitize everything multiple times.
Last week, Bethany had started reading Little House in the Big Woods, a chapter a day.  She was really enjoying it, so on our sick day I read all morning to her.  She is almost finished.
After reading the dust jacket, Bethany was excited to find out that the illustrator for Little House in the Big Woods is the same as Charlotte's Web, Garth Williams.
That afternoon, she was watching a movie and fell asleep.  I was so happy to find her resting and peaceful.
She was really bummed that all the other kids were at Mamma's house and she was missing out on the fun time.  It is always surprising how much the kids miss each other when they are apart.  That night they called and talked to each other.  I received an order in the mail with a large amount of bubble wrap, a treat at our house.  I gave it to Bethany and she saved over half of it for Joseph and Jenna when they came back home.
My mom said that Jenna and Joseph had candy apples and there was a third one left.  They had assumed it was being saved for Bethany, not knowing their plan my mom gave it my dad.  The next morning, the kids were shocked that she didn't keep it for Bethany.
At the supper table the first night the kids were all back home, Bethany told Jenna, "I missed you last night Jenna.  It was lonesome in my bed without you in your bed."  Sweet words I can never hear enough.
By Friday, all the kids has full blown colds and coughs.  Stomach viruses put common colds and coughs into perspective so I'm not going to complain.  I'm so thankful no one else was miserably sick.
On a brighter note about our week, Brady is signing "milk".  He started last week, and this week he has it down well. It is so cute!  He knows if he signs it he will get a drink of juice or milk, it's universal for his cup and nursing.  I have cut way back on nursing, my OB felt it was important to stop sooner, although my goal was to get him to 12 months.  It may still be 12 months, but I've gone ahead and cut his feeding from 6-8 times a day to 2-3 times a day. 
I have a very clear history of vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, I knew when she said it that it was a very valid point, I do need to save up my nutrition for my growing baby.  God had all this planned out perfectly 10 months ago, my lactation nurse when Brady was born, was worried that I might have problems producing milk with my thyroid condition.  She had me pumping extra and my body made so much milk!  In the first 3 months I froze a crazy amount of breast milk, over 700oz!  Although Brady has used some of that over the past 10 months, my freezer was still taken over with milk.  A very nice supply to get Brady through these last months of being under a year.
We are working on signing "more", "all done" and "sleep".  His little mind is working and he's starting to try to sign "more".  I think these signs are soon to follow.
Joseph had a thing for silk tags on his blankets when he was a baby through late toddler.  Every now and then I still catch him rubbing a silky tag inside his shirt seam.  He rubbed the tags so much, they turned to threads.  It was his sweet thing as a little guy.  When Jenna was born he came to the hospital and found the tag on her blanket and tried to stuff it into her hand when she cried.  He thought it would soothe her like it soothed him.  I was delighted this week to find Brady finding his silk tag on his blanket and rubbing it just like Joseph!  Now that I've noticed, I see him doing it often.
If you would like to take a moment to pray for someone in need, I would like to pass along two prayer request.  Prayer request that give me perspective on my week and my small trials.  Joe's co-worker has a little boy who was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia, he is 8 months old.  If you would like to read more about their story you can here.  I also had a friend miscarry her baby at 15 weeks last week, please pray for her and her family and leave her a comment letting her know you are praying for her.

Have a blessed week stalkers!


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I have been a reader for a while. Your family is adorable and I love your blog. Congratulations on your fifth baby! I too am pregnant with my fifth. My kids are 9,7,5 and 2. I just read your recent post about Bethany being sick. I hope she is feeling better. I have a question for you. This may sound stupid, but I have been struggling with this for a couple weeks. While you are pregnant, have you or will you get a flu shot? All of my health care providers encourage me to get it an tell me it's safe. I have never been pregnant during flu season, so I never had one before. You seem like a very intuitive woman so I just thought I would ask. I am only 10 weeks along. This is a question from one pregnant woman to another! Sorry for the looong comment!!

Take care and I look forward to reading your blog!

Miranda said...

Hello Ann! I'm so glad you commented, it's nice to meet you. Do you blog? If you do and want to share your web address I'd love to read it. Congrats on your fifth, it's nice to be on this journey with others.
I do not get the flu shot {even when I'm not pregnant}, I know everyone says that it is safe, but I personally never felt comfortable getting it while pregnant or that I needed while not pregnant. I have a really good healthcare provider, she encourages her patients to get it, but doesn't force the issue. My advice to you would be to pray about it, if you feel at peace getting it do, if not don't.
Bethany is better, thanks for asking. Leave me a long comment anytime!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for responding. It's just nice to hear what other mothers have to say. I am leaning towards not getting a flu shot. I will for sure continue to pray about it.
I do not have a blog. I have been wanting to start one for some time, but just haven't yet. :) I found your blog through Cherry Street Cottage blog.

Your blog has always been so real and encouraging for me.

Thank you again for responding.
Good luck through out your pregnancy!
( I am selecting the anonymous profile because I don't know what else to select. :) )

Miranda said...

Ann, Anonymous is the way to go if you don't have a blogger profile. Glad I could help!