Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Days of Thanks ~ Bethany's ear and a clean smelling house

Bethany had a long awaited appointment with the ENT doctor yesterday.  She has worried and worried about it for months, but we couldn't get in sooner.  Our pediatrician was concerned about a hole in her left ear that had never closed up from where her tube was placed 4 years ago.  She said it looked like it might be growing scar tissue and was concerned about hearing loss or damage.
Joe was off work yesterday and Jenna went with us so that Joseph could have some special time with Mamma on his birthday, while Brady napped at her house.  Bethany was happy Jenna came along and they planned a shopping trip afterward to buy Joseph gifts for his birthday.
Jenna was eager to go, I found out why before we left.  The ENT's name is Dr. Wolf, as I was buckling Jenna into her car seat she asked, "Does he have a tail?"  Joe and I cracked up laughing.  Later as Jenna was telling my mom about the appointment she said, "Yeah, he was nice...and he's a man." :)
Amazingly Bethany was very calm and relaxed during the appointment, the least nervous and worried she has been.  I think she was ready to find out whether she needed surgery or not and was tired of having it hanging over her head.  I know having Joe with us made her feel better too.  God really gave her peace through it.  She was really goofy all day and while we waited in the exam room she said, "I'll think I'll just get comfortable while I wait." and she laid down on the table.
Dr. Wolf said eventually she will need surgery to repair the hole, but for now it isn't big enough to do anything with or causing her hearing loss.  It is a nuisance.  It makes bathing and swimming less fun because when water gets in her ear it is very painful.  She also has more ear infections because of it, he said we'll deal with when she is older or if it causes too much trouble sooner.  This news set her mind at ease and she hasn't said anything about it, so I'm glad she isn't already concerning herself with it.  So much to be thankful for in this entire situation!
Jenna had us laughing all day yesterday, she says too many funny things to remember.  Today however, I wasn't laughing.  She loves to help me and is really great about picking up and doing task that are assigned to her.  Today she wanted to use some new furniture dusting wipes, so I instructed her about how to use and how not to use them.  Bethany, Joseph and I were doing school, Brady was sleeping and Jenna was "dusting".  It was nice to do school in peace without Jenna's "eruptions" as Bethany calls her interruptions.
The silence lasted for quite sometime until even Bethany became suspicious and went to look for her.  She found her behind my locked bedroom door, sign number two that this wasn't going to be good.  I unlocked the door and was hit in the face with the smell of baby powder.  Jenna was "dusting" my bed table, covered in baby powder.  I guess the furniture wasn't dusty enough for her!
She had messed up everything on the counter in the bathroom, set things on the toilet lid, there was powder all over the bathroom, all over Joe's night stand, all in the carpet and trailing around the bed to my bed table.  She had pulled out every. single. baby. wipe. from a full container of wipes and they were piled in the floor.
So, today I'm also thankful for a clean smelling house!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it was not fun to clean up, but I have to say, that is sure sounds cute! I have a son who is around Jenna's age, he turned 3 in August and he gets into as much mischief! She's your little Amelia Bedelia for "dusting" the furniture!


Carly said...

The same thing happened to my brother after his tubes fell out...one hole never healed, and he had to get surgery. It really wasn't a huge deal (just a pain, like you said), but we always tease him that they sewed his ear back on crooked. Haha.

OneMommy said...

I love the Dr. Wolf comment with the tail. But the dusting? THAT is priceless!