Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Days of Thanks ~ Blogging Memories

Flashback 30 Days of Thanks from November 2009 {It's really crazy for me to read this two years later and see how much Jenna's personality is still the same in so many ways.  I was surprised to read that we called her "A Nut" that long ago.}

my mommy finds me irresistible in my pj's.i can't be taken seriously, and i don't take others seriously either.
if you say come here, i'll go there.
if you say no, i'll laugh in your face.
sometimes i do what i'm told just to prove that i know what their saying, it makes for good laughs.

i'll do anything for a eat baby wipes.
hit myself in the head.
fake cry with my eyes closed and then peek out of one eye and smile, this one always works.

i don't know what's going on with my hair. mommy tries to clip it out of my eyes, but that's a lost cause. i slipped a couple clippies through the crack under the front door the other day. i lose more then she will ever find. i'm waiting for the moment somebody leaves me some scissors, that'll teach 'em.

i love to talk, all the time. though every one stares at me like i'm the crazy one. sometimes i speak like every one else and say, mommy, daddy, mamma, papaw, bye, ball, and poo-poo. i mean it's not like i don't try, but it never seems to sound right, so it must not be the right time.
sometimes i sign to help them communicate with me. i can sign, mamma, night-night, music, all gone, more, please, cheese, drink, light, butterfly, no, yes, shoes and paci.
shoes make me happy.

i love pointing at my nose, but i know where other stuff is too.
like my hair.
and my tongue.
i like playing peek-a-boo and hiding under covers.
i plan on coming around to their side eventually, but i'm just enjoying being a baby. i love playing in laundry and i'm afraid that might become my chore around here if i grow up too fast.

they say i'm entertaining, mischievous, and a nut.i turned 18 months yesterday, my life's just getting started. everyone seems to really love me around here, so i can't complain.

i wave bye-bye and blow kisses, but that's nothing new.
oh, yeah and mommy said she is most thankful for me today. you should join her 30 days of Thanks.

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Lyndsay Taylor said...

love that girl and I don't even know her!! :)