Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Days of Thanks ~ BradyBoy

 BradyBoy is 11 months old today!  Time goes by so quickly and these past 11 months have been such a joy with him.  He is the happiest, smiling-est baby boy.  It's been such an easy task being his mommy, since I got past the first few weeks of my postpartum recovery.  The happiness he brings our entire family is a blessing.  We all adore him and give him way too much attention, not really!
He still doesn't have a tooth in his head and I'm thinking maybe dentures are in his near future.  Although he thinks he can eat a steak without them. 
On Wednesday, I took him to his first sick visit since he was five days old.  He hasn't had an ear infection yet which is very different from all his siblings first years.  He did get his first antibiotic for a sinus infection and he is less pitiful and not laying around as much.  His nose continues to run constantly and he has kept a croupy cough, I'm hoping they'll go away soon.
 A month or two ago, I said he wasn't very affectionate, but all that has changed this past month.  He's very loving and lays his head on my shoulder numerous times a day.  Several times throughout the day he'll pull up next to me and lay his head on my leg or next to me.  He loves my mom and treats her the same, it's one of the best feelings ever.
His sign language vocabulary has taken off in the past couple weeks.  He signs "sleep" for night-night, "eat" and "milk", he signs "all gone" when he's finished eating and this week he learned music.  A signing baby is adorable!  He has taken to it much like Bethany did, very quickly.
I'm surprised that he isn't walking, but certainly not complaining.  He is an expert crawler and climber.  Well, I don't know that I'd classify his climbing as expert it's definitely not safe, especially the descending! I love watching him crawl across the floor, I know when he takes off walking that will be the end to it.
Happy 11 months Bubba!  Love you precious boy!  Today I'm thankful for your life!!

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