Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 Days of Thanks ~ Camera, Knitting, Coffee

 I'm thankful coffee taste good again.  From 4 to 14 weeks, it tasted terrible and I didn't even enjoy the smell of it.  This morning the house was cold and my coffee tasted so amazing!
 I've been learning to knit, as I mentioned about the scarf.  Today I learned 3 new stitches from youtube, and made half of a pair of fingerless mittens, also via youtube.  I absolutely LOVE knitting and think it is so much fun.  I'm thankful that I'm finally learning to knit.
Every November the kids and I write down the things we are thankful for.  Some years it was cards in a jar that we sat on the table and talked about at supper, last year we made a paper chain that ended up wrapped in the Christmas garland and this year we taped papers around the dining room. We call it our thankful walls.
 Bethany said at breakfast this morning that I needed to list my camera on the thankful walls, she is so very right!  I am grateful for my camera, it makes me very happy.  I haven't used a flash in 3 years because I hate flash.  I borrowed my sisters external flash and have been trying to figure the  thing out this week.  I figure it's time to learn, I need to be well versed in using it even though I bitterly hate the shadows it cast.  Please tell me, someone who knows, can I perfect my flash photography so that it doesn't look like I used a flash?
I uploaded pictures tonight and nearly all of them made me cringe because I can't stand flash lighting.  These were some of the better ones, but it's probably just because I love this baby boy so much!
Perhaps, youtube will be of some help with my flash photography dilemma?!  I guess I should be thankful for youtube as well, it taught me how to french braid too!


Anonymous said...

I love to knit but find alot of my housework and laundry even sometime meals suffer because I can't stop working on a project. I will have to check out youtube...I've always wanted to learn to make mitts.

I have a box filling up with goodies for you straight from the Great White North. I am hoping to mail it on Friday. My kids are so excited to send you this stuff!

Bonnie (it won't let me post from Google...grrr)

Miranda said...

Bonnie, you're awesome! We will be just as excited to receive it, that is so fun and nice of you!
Sorry you have trouble posting.

Anonymous said...

Flash or no flash, Brady is handsome. =) ~Erin

Olivia Cooney said...

hey miranda! i made a scarf at sewing lessons! i wear it all the time! hope you enjoy your knitting!