Friday, November 11, 2011

30 Days of Thanks ~ Children's curiosity

Bethany's journal entry for school today says,
November 11, 2011 Friday
Today is a speshell day.  Today if you wrote: November 11, 2011, the 11th month, it wood turn out 11-11-11.  Do you not reelize I'm running out of ink just writing 11 so many times?!
Jenna just now got marker all over her.  I am writing this because when Jenna grows up she'll read what she did and I am prity sure she'll laugh so much she'll cry.
 Poor child!  It is too the point I just feel sorry for her, I didn't even have the heart to discipline her.  She didn't have a marker she had found a tube of mascara that was teal in the bathroom drawer.  I have never worn teal mascara and didn't even know it was in there or where it came from.

Her eyes are mischievous, she is 3, curious and eager to learn.  She is not unattended or unsupervised, she is just a really fast worker in a very busy house.  We try our hardest to keep markers, crayons, pens and pencils up but with so many of us constantly working and doing school, it's impossible.
I'm thinking it's time to break out the Play-doh and let her burn off some mess-making energy.  It's a hard age to keep her occupied, she whips through an entire coloring book in one day.  We do a work page or a cut and paste project and she is over it 5 minutes and ready for something else. We are working on her learning to go play and entertain herself without getting into trouble, so far I'd say we've been completely unsuccessful!
 Joseph asked this morning is the New York was a bad country. I explained that it was a state like Kentucky and is in the same country as we live in, the United States of America.  He said, "We'll don't they worship that idol, the Statue of Liberty there?"
Today I'm thankful for these opportunities we have learn and explore my children's incredible curiosity.


~Mamma~ said...

What a mug shot! The poor little thing.
What pictures... MUG SHOT TO ADORABLE.
How can you not just LOVE HER!

Lyndsay Taylor said...

Your kids are awesome!!!