Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Days of Thanks ~ Eggs and Penmanship

So, today I have two totally unrelated, random things I'm thankful for, but both great nonetheless.  First of all, I'm getting back into the routine of a gestational diabetes diet.  There are some things that are fun to eat and I enjoy but let me tell you the fun-but-can't-eat list is SO much longer.  I'm adding to that list every time I turn around.
Today I remembered that the first time I had to go on this diet, while I was pregnant with Jenna, I had a severe aversion to eggs.  I never really liked fried eggs, hated scrambled eggs and omelets were not even considered.  Eggs are a key element to surviving this diet.  While pregnant with Jenna I always had the hardest time figuring out what to eat for breakfast, however during my pregnancy with Brady I learned how to fry an egg I could eat.  Eggs and toast is what I have eaten every morning for breakfast since.
This morning I decided to make an omelet and then I thought I'd try adding some spinach since I'm always looking to get some needed iron.  It was delicious, so good that I ate the same thing for lunch!!  I'm thankful God has given me a taste for eggs, it will help so much the next 6 months!
Secondly, I gave Joseph a spelling test today and he got a 100.  I'm super proud of him, but I was more proud of his penmanship when he handed it to me.  I couldn't believe how neat the words were written on his paper.  Only a couple months ago, I was trying to find a balance with how much I made him practice his writing.  I'm thankful for the wisdom I learned from my Excellence in Writing curriculum.  Without it, I don't think we'd be having this kind of penmanship today.  Thankful for the opportunity to teach my boy!

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