Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Days of Thanks ~ Joseph Mark

Today Joseph is 6 years old!  I can't believe it's been 6 years since his fast and easy arrival into this world at 9:49 PM.  I remember getting settled into a regular room around 1 AM and Joe went out to get me tacos.  I felt so good I was up putting things away and straightening up the room.  I pulled out the chair/bed for Joe and made it with sheets and blankets.  A few minutes after I'd tided up and settled back in bed to gaze at my new little 8 lb 11 oz baby boy, who looked nothing like his sister, the nurse came in.  She gave me the run down and told me, "Now the next couple times you get out of bed you have to push your nurse button and we'll come in and help you up.  Don't get out of bed without one of us in here to help you, you could fall."  I didn't have the heart to ask her how she thought my husband's bed got made or the gifts all nicely lined up on the table.
I could write a book about Joseph's life and all that the Lord has taught me through his pregnancy and first year.  He's a lovable, sweet, kindhearted boy that makes me so proud of him every day.
His birthday rocked if I say so myself.  I don't have time to get it all posted tonight, despite all the fun I'm left with an intense headache that Tylenol ain't touchin'.  I'll just say that the day included marshmallow gun fights and lighting candles on his cake with a blow torch!
Happy Birthday Buddy!  We all love you so very, very much!  I hope you always remember how special you are.  I realized a few days ago that you seem too old to call, "Jophie".  That makes me kinda sad, but then I think of the time a few weeks ago, when leaving the football field you said, "Here Mommy, I'll carry your chair to the van."  When did you grow up?  I love the boy you are today just as much as I loved my baby and toddler boy through these last 6 years.  You'll always be my Sugar-Boy!  Thankful for you today and everyday!!

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