Friday, November 11, 2011

Joseph's 6th birthday

Joseph's 6th birthday was on Monday, he had such a fun day.  Joe was off from work so we started off the day with a special breakfast.  Joseph picked scrambled eggs, toast and oatmeal.
We made the traditional make-your-own-birthday-cake.  I'm not a cake decorator but that's the great thing about letting them make their own, I influence and they're end result they created! :)

We baked his cake in a Pampered Chef Batter Bowl, created a dirt mound out of it and put his monster trucks on top.
 Joseph really wanted a compound bow, he has been wanting one since his last birthday.  A couple of weeks ago, Joe took us to the school were he teaches and Joseph was able to shoot a compound bow at the targets there.  He shot it over and over, though he couldn't fully pull it back.
We weren't ready to buy him a compound bow just yet and were uncertain he would be able to pull it back so I found this bow from JM Cremps, an awesome online store for boys, Bass Pro catalogs don't have anything on a JM Cremps!  {If you have a son you should definitely check them out and request a free catalog, I've already ordered Joseph's Christmas too.}  It has been the best bow and he loves shooting it when Joe or I can supervise.  He shot at a pumpkin at our house but was eager to shoot it at Mamma and Papaw's later that night.
He wanted to celebrate with my parents.  They gave him 3 marshmallow guns, one for each of the older kids.  They all had a riot with them and couldn't have looked cuter in their safety glasses!

It was a great birthday for him!  I am excited to have a 6 year old boy.  He is growing quickly, recently all his pants suddenly shrunk.  He is learning and enjoying life.  We are grateful for his life and blessed by him.

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