Monday, November 21, 2011

Morsels from our life and manna

It weather is cold and rainy today.
We had a craft day, making paper mache.  The kids had more fun cutting up newspapers than anything.  Bethany cut everyone out a Smartphone and they all called each other on their little bitty paper phones.  Bethany said, "I'm sorry I can't hear you, my phone is too small."
Then they each started cutting out items for each other and giving each other computers and candy and Bethany gave Joseph a woman's wallet.  They crack each other up and it is the greatest sound in the whole world listening to the three of them getting along.
I've lost one of my camera batteries and left my charger at my mom's.
Jenna announced at breakfast this morning, while talking about what Baby #5 will be, "Well, if it's a boy, I'm gonna cry!"  She really wants a  little sister, we've decided not to find out what we are having this time.  We have never done this.  I have mixed feelings about it, but am trusting in the end it will be worth the wait and an exciting pay-off.
This little boy or girl is 16 weeks growing now, this is exciting!
On Friday, as we were leaving our neighborhood, I noticed a bike sitting out for garbage pick-up in a pile by the street. Jenna needs a bike and I thought is might be salvageable for her.  After we turned around and went back we found a brand new bike for a girl, it still had the papers in the wheel spokes and white tires.  We also picked up a little rocking horse that was in great shape for Brady and a large frame I plan to transform into a cork board.  Who says manna does still fall from heaven?!
We had chicken and dumplings and pumpkin pie over the weekend, along with a cold that is accompanied with a stomach ache.  Nothing too miserable, but plenty miserable enough.
We had toast for supper last night.
I've been knitting when I haven't felt too nauseous from this sickness.  On Friday I completed my first hat that was too small, so Saturday I knitted a sucessful one for Jenna and Sunday, and I finished a third one as a gift.  Today and yesterday, I started and re-started another project about 4 times.
I am addicted to knitting and my list of "can't wait to make" is growing and growing.  I have much to learn, but the great thing about knitting is you can do so many things with only knowing how to do a few stitches.
We are all eager for Thanksgiving and glad to have a short week of school and Joe home with us soon.
Tonight, I am going to a Hillsong LIVE Worship, super excited!!!  Can't say that enough!
Life is good!


Jillian said...

You were at hill song last night? Me too! It was awesome! Congrats on baby #5!

Miranda said...

Yes, Carrie and I went. It was awesome, we had a great time.