Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some changes to the blog, perhaps

Really quickly, because I'm tired and should be sleeping...
You may notice a few new things going on around here and I just want to explain.  For sometime I have been looking for ways to generate some profit from my blog through advertisement.  I have very mixed feeling about endorsing a product and company if I really don't have a personal connection or experience with them.
In the past I have only linked and raved about things I truly love, and with only a couple exceptions that was free advertising. I will never lie and say something is great if it isn't or if I haven't had a first hand experience with that company.  Several times I have reached out to a company I honestly adore but seldom get any work through that means of marketing.
Blogging for me is so much more than making money and I hesitate to mix trying to make money with something I love and enjoy so very, very much.  So this week, I came across an opportunity to do some advertising on a more consistent basis, perhaps.  I decided to give it a go and see how I like it and if it's worth the time and distraction is might cause to my very beloved blog space.  I can honestly say this has been hard for me already and I don't know that it will be a good fit.  I don't want this place to become another congested, overly obnoxious blog that is filled with so much meaningless advertisement that it's purpose is lost.
Writing is fun and personal for me, this is my outlet.  I will never lie about something to get paid, I will never advertise something I wouldn't want to learn more about or that I don't think is interesting to my readers.  If I say I've tried it, then I have.
This is a trial run, please be honest and let me know if you get annoyed or lose interest in Sippycups and Fingerprints.  My hope is to be able to maintain the same writing and life journaling with some advertising along the way.  As always, thanks for reading along when you can and commenting when you do.  Ya'll are the best!

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Mrs. Wilson said...

It doesn't bother me at all! If you manage to garner some egg money this way, then good for you!

Mrs. Wilson