Monday, December 19, 2011

A few things

We're busy enjoying Christmas time here.  I finished my most eager knitting gift and all the others will have to wait until next year.  So, I did a little sewing instead and that satisfied me a bit.
The kids have been Christmas crafting some too, there is still paint smeared all over the sink in the powder room.
And the big news at our house, Bubba has his first tooth! 12 and a half months is the latest any of my babies have cut their first tooth.  Guess he won't be getting dentures for Christmas after all.  Yay, it looks like more are soon to follow.  He has been a fussy mess all afternoon and evening. 
No signs of snow in the near future, so we're just enjoying the paper kind. 
I wanted to make gingerbread, so I looked up a recipe tonight.  It must be a pregnancy thing because gingerbread cookies have never appealed to me until today.  The thought of them filling the house with their fragrance seems great and I almost think I'd eat one too.  After looking up the recipe I realized why I've never made them, molasses.  Who has molasses on hand?!  Not me.
I'm 20 weeks pregnant with Sweet Thing, the big ultrasound in only a couple days away but we aren't going to be finding out.  I'm settled on it, so I'm not tempted to change my mind.  Its gonna be different not knowing, but I think it'll be fun to wait.  I'm looking forward to seeing this little baby.
Must go, just wanted to share the news about our previously toothless boy!


Miranda said...

Your posts always seem so peaceful. They are inspiring, as we are trying to come out of our chaos:) I bought Molasses to make gingerbread once and then I never used it again! You are a much stronger woman than I, I have always thought it would be neat to wait to find out the sex of our babies but in the end always NEED to know!! Good luck!

Eleana said...

I love your pictures! The kids around the tree is beautiful.