Thursday, December 15, 2011

These boys of mine

A video I put together for Brady's first birthday party...that didn't happen.

I took Joseph and Brady to their 6 year and 1 year well visits today.  It was a sweet time with just the two of them.  Joseph is such a great helper to me, I had lots of paperwork to fill out for both of them and he held Brady for me the entire time.
{Bethany and Joseph both are constant helpers and I am often thinking how big they are getting.  It's nice to be at this place, where they're able to really see a need and do something about it.  It's also nice to see their hearts.}
Joseph is such a little gentleman and I am repeatedly amazed at his thoughtful ways of looking out for me or taking care of me.  Recently, we went to a Christmas play, during the time my arms, shoulders and neck had been hurting really badly.  I used Joseph's coat to rest under my arms in my lap and Joseph noticed.  On the ride home from the back seat he asked if my hands were hurting, when I said yes and asked him why he answered, "I was just won-er-in."  Then he added, "Here's my coat Mommy."  Today, he had climbed in the van to go to the doctor, then he got out and went around to the other side of the van to open the door where I had to put Brady in and also opened my door.  Such a sweetheart!
The doctors appointment went well, they both had great lab results, Joseph had a vision and hearing test and did good.  Poor Bubba had 4 shots, but didn't cry long.  He giggled when they pricked his toe for blood, that was good incentive for Joseph to be extra tough.
Joseph is 48 inches tall and weighs 50 pounds, he is in the 75 percentile for both height and weight.  Brady is 30 inches long and weighs 23.4 pounds, he is in the 50 percentile for  both height and weight.
Brady still doesn't have his first tooth!  He has big bumps we can feel but no teeth have popped through.  He is almost walking, cruising and standing alone for a few seconds.  He has actually taken some steps when highly persuaded, but nothing on his own.  He loves to sign, he recently learned "tree".  He signs "music" all the time and "lights" often too.  He is defiant about signing "more" or "please".  He can do please but I guess those words always go with eating and he has better things to do besides sign language when he's eating.
He loves turning off light switches and is also infatuated with electrical outlet and things that plug into them.  This scares me!  He has learned that if he pulls the girls hair they will scream.  He pulls their hair and then squeals like they do, especially when they don't scream because I told them not too, since he's doing it for that reason.
He doesn't really talk much, he used to say "hi" and "bye" but rarely does now.  He says "Uh" when he drops something, trying to say "uh-oh".  He can say "ma-ma" and "da-da" but usually not on command or directed for us.  He doesn't give kisses but loves laying his head on my shoulder or over on anyone to show love.
It such a blessing to have healthy children, vaccinations always make me thankful I don't have to watch my children go through that kind of pain often.  Joseph hadn't been to the doctor since his last well visit a year ago, thank you God!

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