Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crazy weather

  • The wind whipped and howled here today, the vinyl siding popped, it sounded like a blizzard for sure, but it was only a Severe Thunderstorm and a couple of Tornado Warnings. Sunday we had a little snow on the ground and today a threat of a tornado!  Thankfully, that is all it was and nothing more.  
  • I watched the radar and worked on a blanket for Little Monkey, a very fun project.
  • The kids had fun playing in the closet and eating Captain Crunch for lunch. Truly a very cool day for them.  I had to wake Brady from his morning nap and bring him downstairs to join them.  He didn't mind, we baited him with food and he crawled right in the closet to join the party. 
  • Jenna walked over to me this morning and said, "Mommy, you haven't hugged me lately!"
  •  We are on Chapter 7 in our Bible curriculum, Who is God?  I love this chapter, it's called, "Why did God create me?"  We are learning 9 ways our lives can bring glory to God.  It's been such a great time for us to talk and learn more about God's plan and how we fit into it.
  • I went to a Bible study last night, I took my old Bible because it's broken in and flips right where I want to go.  I was demonstrating and telling the other ladies in the group and my Bible fell open to two twenty dollar bills!  Manna from heaven!
  • My dad replaced an element in out water heater last week and this week he made some repairs to our van.  The van repairs could have been so much worse, but thankfully they weren't.  We are blessed to have such a great repairman!
  • We only listened to this song about 10 times today!
  • I was going to take a nap today, I really needed a nap. After doing school and all the storm drama, I wasn't feeling so well. My back has a hitch in it, my hips hurt and my inner thighs are killing me, maybe it's a pinched nerve. All I know is I've been waddling around like a pregnant woman. I didn't get a nap, I decided instead to look up some knitting patterns and did some pinning on Pinterest. I rarely take a nap!
Happy Tuesday, we have so much to be thankful for at our house, our hearts our filled with gratitude for all the Lord does for us!

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Sarann said...

I hope you feel better. I am just over 10 weeks now and dread getting to that stage of being so uncomfortable, but a sweet baby is so worth it!