Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello Monday

I thought this week was going to be easier than last week, but it's only Monday and the resistance to get back into a normal school-day-routine was strong this morning.  So frustrating, that I had to distract myself by doing something I love, finding the good and the beautiful among the chaos.  I turned on my TV to the satellite Christian music channel, sat down to help Joseph with Lego's, cut these words out of paper and took a few pictures of this incredible life I get to live today.
My body is tired and still very much falling apart but I'm determined to keep on, it's too soon to be wiped out and miserable. {Which, in all truthfulness, I must say I sat on a heating pad most of the weekend and gave orders from the recliner.}  Yesterday this Little Monkey turned 23 weeks old, I love Sunday's, they always seem to sneak up on me and half way through them I'll realize I'm another week closer to meeting this little person.
I gave Brady a bath after his first haircut yesterday, I washed him in Neutrogena soap, the kind that smells like newborn babies, it made me extra impatient to hold Little Monkey.  I even had a dream last night that the baby was born and it was girl.  Joe named her April Markie and I was mad at him for not naming her Olivia or Anne.  He named her April because she was born in April.  It is funny now but in the dream I was upset and crying because I hated the name and we couldn't change it.  Weird pregnancy dreams, huh?
Yes, I cut BradyBoy's hair for the first time yesterday.  It had to be done, but I was scared to touch it.  I didn't give Joseph his first hair cut and he didn't have sweet curls in the back to make it even more bittersweet.  I didn't want to use clippers, and I never scissor cut Joe and Joseph's hair.  So, I youtube searched it and found very little help.  In the end it came out very well and cute, it is still long enough for me to run my fingers through but the girly curls are gone and it is out of his eyes.  He did exceptionally well and was patient with my slow progress and spraying him down with water.  He really is such a great boy!
This morning he was scavenging Cheerios from under the table, not a hard task.
 Joseph was above him starting a Lego project.
Bethany finished Wind in the Willows at the little ones naptime today.  So, much for us all reading it aloud.
Speaking of little ones napping, I need to go while they're still asleep and try to get some laundry folded or supper started.  No pictures of Jenna today, but she did make me laugh out loud this morning.  I was about to change Brady's poopy diaper that wreaked throughout the entire upstairs.  Bethany and Joseph left the room and Jenna said, "I think I'll stay and watch, I want to see what color it is!"  And of course, she stayed.
Hope your Monday held some sunshine moments among the chaos and responsibilities of life.


Nate and Erin said...

Hmm..maybe Little Monkey's name was inspired by Bethany in your dream. When I was pregnant with M I asked her what we should name the baby and she said "April". Hope you have a great week!

Eleana said...

Ha ha! Your Monday did certainly sound busy but also lovely. Brady looks so sweet, you did wonderful work on his hair. My husband took charge on my son's first haircut and I was so thankful for it - I would not have done nearly as well as you. And as for your dreams, I certainly had a few very strange ones while I was pregnant too, in fact I woke up from one so angry at my husband because he wouldn't buy fish and chips in my dream... I was really craving it. So silly!