Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January highlights

At supper tonight, over Sloppy Joe's and potato wedges Jenna told us she wants to be a teacher when she grows up.  "I guess, I can buy a house and live in it...or I could just live with  you all, Sissy, Buddy, Brady and Mommy and Daddy."
I wish for beautiful snow, but instead we continue to have deceiving sunshine that taunts us outside into the cold winter air, and we continue to have threats of tornadoes.  Sunday night was a sleepless one over this crazy January weather.
Bethany lost her third tooth recently, she wanted my sister to pull it but neither of them had the heart to hurt her, so Joe ended up taking it out.  Bethany was thrilled, but Joseph and Jenna were happier since they didn't have the pain and only a trip to Mamma and Papaw's for ice cream.
Brady cut his third tooth last week and by his temperament, lack of good sleeping habits and crying inconsolably I think more than one is soon to follow.  I pray it is soon for both of us!  One of the only things that puts a smile on his face is this truck that Joseph received as a Christmas present.  It plays radio-like music and it has wheels, the best of both worlds to Brady.  He is still obsessed with anything with wheels and he loves music.
He is learning new signs, but still stubborn about signing words like please and more.  He signs music, light, milk, cheese, baby, all gone, and Mamma.  All of our kids have signed my mom's sign before a sign for mommy or daddy.  Brady picked it right up and all we have to do is say "Mamma" and he slaps the side of his face with his palm, it's really cute and amazing how much he loves to sign her sign.  I act a little jealous, but really I'm so happy he loves her so.
We are keeping sane with lots of indoor play and reading.  Play-Doh is a daily favorite lately and we are reading "The Lamplighter" right now.
Anything citrus has filled out fruit bowls lately, Cuties are our favorite but tangerines or oranges are cheaper so we have been eating more of them the past couple of weeks.
A huge highlight of our weekend, {month and life} was welcoming this precious little girl into the world.  I can't even begin to describe how exciting it was to finally meet and hold our new niece, Isabelle.  She is beautiful and so loved by all of her family but especially her incredible parents.  She is just as taken with them, she didn't take her eyes off her daddy's face the entire time we were making over her, and I might have taken a thousand pictures of her.
There are no words to describe God giving a life, specifically a life that has long been waited and prayed for.  An answered prayer leads to hearts full of thanksgiving and joyful praise to God.  Psalm 103:1 says, "Praise the Lord, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name" These are the only words I find fitting to describe the song my heart has been singing.


Sarann said...

Nice photos, and that baby is adorable!

SailorMoon said...

Isabelle is adorable! And of course your kids are as well. You always intrigue me when you talk about Brady signing. I have never heard of such a thing! Is it actual sign language -- and I gather that you did it with all your kids. I think it's neat. What made you start it??

Miranda said...

Hey Sailor! Yes, it is sign language. My mom knows lots of sign language and has several deaf friends. She works with my kids learning signs alot. I know basic signs and teach them to my kids to help them communicate before they can start talking. It really is wonderful and seems to help them not grow frustrated trying to tell us what they want. All my kids picked it up at different times and speeds, it is really cute. Once they start talking more they forget it slowly.