Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January thoughts

Isaiah 25:1 
LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago. 

I love the month of January.  I'm not much for making New Year's resolutions but I do find myself re-evaluating my priorities and how I can improve and enjoy our life more.  I find myself reflecting on my job as a mother and a wife, I look around the house and decide what needs to go and what new spaces I want to re-create, I make a mental list of things I need to focus on more with the kids, everything from their character to their school work.  Life in January slows down some and it gives me more time to think and put my life in order a little more.  I find that I want to change and improve, not that I feel like I have to.
I love the way the cloudy sunlight shines through our blinds all day long and I don't have to shut out the hot heat beating down, sucking the cool air out of our house.
I love warm clothes fresh from the dryer.
 I love how we have more time to read and play Lego's.  We taught Bethany and Joseph how to play Uno over Christmas break and my mom gave Joseph a wooden checker set.  I love finding Bethany and he at the table or around the piano bench playing checkers.
{See the Little Monkey bump?  It keeps showing up in my pictures.}
I love cooking soup, using the crockpot and burning candles.
I love wishing for snow, hoping for snow and waking up to snow covering the ground, so far the latter hasn't happened this winter.
I love taking pictures of the everyday, the usual, the life we live today.  I reminded myself that capturing these moments makes me smile and I want to do it more often.
I love how the kids have lunch picnics in the living room.
I have especially loved the slump in Jenna's mischief lately.  We've had some really sweet times together each afternoon as I tuck her in for a nap.  She has even seemed eager to be put to bed, probably because I've been more consistent to read her a story before praying with her and more patient and intentional to lay and talk with her afterward.
We talk about the baby, Little Monkey, she is so excited.  We talk about what color hair it might have and she ask questions, many questions.  Like, can boys have babies, I tell her no, boys don't have a uterus in their tummies like girls do.  Then, she ask if she has toot-or-us and I tell her yes.  She ask, what happens when the baby poops in my tummy, who changes it's diapers.  She ask, how does the baby get the food that I eat and I explain that there is an umbilical cord going from my tummy into the baby's tummy.  I tell her she used to have an umbilical cord and when she was born Daddy cut it.  She smiles and giggles.  At the end, she'll pat my belly and say, "Night-night baby."
Yesterday, I turned to go and she said, "But Mommy, we didn't talk about the baby today!"
I love how the Lord provides for our needs.  If I told of all the ways He supplies, you wouldn't even believe me.  He works blessings and miracles every month, and yet I still doubt and worry.
 I hear my children talk and think out loud and they sound like me, sometimes good but often bad.  Yesterday this girl woke up snapping at everyone and correcting her siblings without reason, bossing them out of selfishness and impatience.  A brutal reminder that no matter how I discipline, it's how I live that teaches and trains these little hearts.  Dear Jesus, I am so far from reflecting You onto them.
I say this often here, but really mean this, this space is a blog, it's meant to highlight the good and the precious, to give thanks and praise to God for all He does in my life during these years of raising small children, to help me remember, I so want to remember these priceless moments.  Being a wife and mom is the greatest blessing in my life and God uses this daily life of changing diapers, making sure the toilets are flushed and potty seats down, {so BradyBoy won't go for a swim}making meals and wiping floors and sticky hands, and making the bed just to throw back the covers and crawl back in at the end of the day.  He uses it to show me my error and incredible need for more of Him.  I cannot be the mother and wife that glorifies Him, I can't raise these children to grow up loving Him without Him.
I don't have it all together, but I am so thankful for all the Lord does for me despite myself.  I am so grateful for all that He gives me daily.  May my life bring Him glory more each day.

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