Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The last day of January

We have had some unusually warm weather here this week, and I might add without the threat of tornado.  The sun shone brightly on Monday and the kids and I got out to enjoy it.  The girls played house for a couple of hours and Joseph loved pushing Brady in the swing.  Brady beamed while we were out and excitedly took turns sliding down the slide with each of the kids.  Sometimes in winter I forget how good it is to get outside and how happy is makes them, us.

Today was supposed to be warm again, but it was windy and overcast so we stayed in.  Joseph beat Bethany 3 games of checkers, and proudly reveled in his achievement which doesn't happen often.  {Beating Bethany at checkers, not the show of pride.} :)
We were swept away in the reading of the book, "The Lamplighter".  We've been reading it since last week but today the story was unfolding and highly suspenseful.  Bethany begged me not to stop reading, after 10 chapters we stopped for lunch and while Jenna and Brady were napping we started back until Joe came home.  After supper, I recounted the events of our day's reading to Joe and Bethany pleaded to continue, so we read more, but only to be  more and more curious about how it would all end.  After the kids went to bed I finished reading the last 5 pages to Joe.  It is a wonderful book!  I highly recommend it, it especially has great lessons for girls.  I can't say it enough, Lamplighter Publishing is an amazing place to invest time and money.  {I'm not getting paid for this plug!  Teddy's Button is another REALLY incredible book you have to read to your children!}
I attempted my first double pointed needle project this weekend.  At first, I thought it would be my last but practice makes easier and I really don't mind it so much now.  I have decided that I do not like working with acrylic yarn, I picked it out for it's color and weight {and price} but I really won't be eager to use it again.
Tonight we experimented with making a candle out of a clementine skin.  I came across it on Pinterest and to our excitement it worked!!!
There is nothing like a warm glow of a flame, it made us all happy on the this last day of January, especially Jenna as she "accidentally" blew it out!
I had my 26 week appointment yesterday, Little Monkey and I are doing well.  Little Monkey is a busy body all day, everyday.  I have been having more Braxton Hicks over the last couple of days, nothing serious just annoying and tiring.  I've been really tired for the past week and have had trouble sleeping.  My body aches alot, but I blame all of this on my thyroid levels not being regulated.  My meds were increased in December and having checked them again, though they improved, my meds are being increased again.  I'm hopeful and really convinced this is the reason for my lagging.  Overall, the pregnancy is going quickly and I am doing well.  It's exciting not knowing what we are having and surprising to me that I am so not dying with curiosity.
I have more to share, and I have had since last week, but time does not allow so maybe sometime soon I'll find my way back.  Good night, friends!

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Sarann said...

I hope the meds help you feel better. I had my levels checked and everything was ok for now. I think we need to watch my levels post-partum more closely because I think I had problems last time.