Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's new around our house

The bench is new...
My very favorite gift I received this Christmas was from my parents.  My dad made me a bench for the kids to sit on at the table.  With the new baby coming our thoughts have been on all the places and spaces we are outgrowing, one of those being the kitchen table not having enough chairs.
My dad's parents had a bench at their table that me and my brothers and sister used to sit on when we would eat with them.  My grandma always cooked big meals and overfed us delicious food nearly every time we visited.  If we didn't stay she fussed, she loved feeding us and we loved eating her food.  My dad and his brothers and sisters sat on that bench when they were growing up, their granddad made it.  I have always loved that white bench with it's worn glossy paint, as I'm sure many of my cousins did.  That bench was my inspiration for asking for this bench.  This bench is special because it reminds me of a childhood memory but it also is more personal because my dad made this bench and my children already love it.
My dad did such a great job building it, it's very heavy and sturdy, it will last for years and years.  {It's Brady-ized: if anything can be done to make it better, it will be done.}We joked that if a tornado comes we should all just grab onto the bench.  LOVE this very beautiful and sentimental gift.
We're reading a new book together...
We started back to school this week.  As always it's a bumpy beginning to get us all back into a daily routine that includes schoolwork and nap times and doing daily living without Joe.  He is a huge help and after he is here for days on end we all get dependent on him.
Overall, this week has been good, despite the fact that I'm hosting a baby shower this Friday and am trying to clean and make preparations in addition to getting used to our old routine again.  I'm looking forward to having this shower for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, it's such a blessing to be able to celebrate with them their long awaited little one.  When she arrives I'm convinced some one will crush her from squeezing her too tightly.
We started reading The Wind in the Willows and Bethany really wanted to do the read aloud so I let her, she is an amazing reader, she reads with so much inflection and it comes naturally.
Did you notice?  I had wondered if it bothered you guys as much as it bothered me...all the pictures with curtain rods over the windows in the living room but no curtains.  It had been that way since last May.  It wasn't for lack of trying, I think I bought and returned 4 sets of curtains and never could find what I had in mind or wanted to pay.  This shower made me want to tie up some loose ends more than ever but I really didn't have the money to spend on curtains.
I made a return to Kohl's this week and thought I'd look again for curtains and found these on sale for 55% off, plus my sister had a coupon on her phone for an additional 20% off.  And they are very close to what I've had in mind all along.  Hooray for new curtains!!
Brady has many new things going on.  He has two teeth now, jabbers more each day and is about to take off walking.  The walking part thrills me, I'm so ready for this boy to walk, he is too heavy for me to be packing around.  As sad as that might sound, I physically don't need to be lifting and carrying him as often as I do, it really hurts my neck.  Just tonight he learned to stand without pulling up on something and he is taking steps from one short distance to the next.
One of his new favorite things to do is slip off upstairs to his and Joseph's room and pull out this basket of cars.  Many times I go find him sitting in the floor pushing cars and making a motor sound, it's really something.

 I was making chocolate covered pretzels last night, Bethany had been helping and the ottoman was pulled up to the kitchen counter.  I turned around to see Brady reaching across the counter, grabbing at the pretzels, he managed to pull himself up.  This boy is a go-getter.
I've started a new plate collage on the wall of my kitchen, this makes me happy.  It'll be fun to add to as I find plates that catch my eye.
There is a new sound about the house I noticed this week, the sound of all 4 of the kids tucked away playing together.  Either in one of their rooms or playing in our closet, they are including Brady in their play and I often look for him and find them looking after him and entertaining him.  It's a new phase and I love it!!
I'm 22 weeks pregnant now and this week has suddenly brought new aches and pains.  My hips, lower back and knees are talking to me and I'm telling them, "It's too early to start this drama."  I feel like my belly quadrupled overnight, the shirts all shortened and my maternity pants are still falling off of me.  Thankfully, I am feeling this Little Monkey kick and move all around.
I guess I never shared that the 20 week ultrasound went very well.  Our baby is healthy and weighed 12 oz, in the 50%.  I had some worries because I hadn't felt the baby move the way my other babies had but the doctor said the placenta was toward the front so that explained why.  As the baby gets bigger I am feeling more movement and so grateful.  We didn't find out what we are having and I'm so glad we are waiting!
Good-night friends!


random blogger said...

i guess great minds think alike. we are in the process of getting a bench (and new dining table) to accommodate our growing family. the kids are growing so fast and it make sense to use a bench to maximize the space. glad there is someone else out there who understands the (joyful & blessed) challenges of a large family.

Miranda said...

Our table has a leaf we hope to have room to add when it's needed, so he made the bench longer to fit when we extend it. Such a great problem to have, right?! Now, the vehicle situation, if it was only such a simple fix...