Friday, February 3, 2012


I heart February! It's always a happily anticipated month at our house.  We talk about and celebrate love all month long, what could be better than that!?
A couple years ago, I made chairbackers.  We leave notes and very small bits of candy or something each morning, from the first through the fourteenth.  The kids all look forward to doing it.

 This week hasn't been the easiest for me, I've felt like poo-poo.  I hate to complain but I don't know how I even moved out of my bed.  It's been a busy week so I haven't had much choice.  Things have been hectic with the kids and my patience has been short.  I've really prayed alot this week, because I need lots of strength, and forgiveness.
 I don't give my kids enough credit, on Tuesday my camera was accidentally knocked off the kitchen counter by one of the kids and my lens hasn't focused correctly since.  I was sick about it, sick.  Though I blamed myself for leaving it there I was a little disappointed in their lack of empathy for me, or remorselessness.  I know they hated it but none of them communicated it.  It was a silly thing to bother me and I admitted it was crazy to Mom as I vented to her that afternoon.
I physically felt terrible and had gone to lay down for a little while.  I left them to do some small tasks and roam the house downstairs.  When I came down I found that Bethany had changed Brady's diaper, perfectly.  She had also instructed Jenna and Joseph on setting the table and she had washed and half-cooked potatoes for supper in the microwave.  Brady was sitting at the table eating bread.
I was very touched by their thoughtfulness and eagerness to help.  Jenna helped me make a salad and we  had hamburgers too.  It was a very nice surprise and I was shocked at how much Bethany was able to get accomplished in a short amount of time with three other little people.
My sister lent me a lens to get me through until I have mine repaired or replaced, I have 2 photo shoots this weekend, so I tried out some angles and lighting this morning.  Brady was my guinea pig in pj's.  I wasn't going for perfection, just 5 minutes of practice.
The kids played outside tonight and the girls picked me these, I love them!  Handpicked bouquets in February, it doesn't get any better.
Happy weekend!
A small shout out, because he doesn't like big ones, to my husband!!  You are awesome, thanks for all your help around the house.  I am so blessed!!! Love you, George!


Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Love the pictures and the post in general! Hope you get to feeling better SOON. Looking forward to spending some time with you all soon too! :) <3

Sarann said...

You have such a great eye for photography!