Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love and learning

Hello friends,
It's been a bit since I sat here to really blog about what's been going on.  I've had alot on my mind and usually when that is the case not much gets typed out here.  Pregnancy-wise I have good days and not-as-good days, but I'm learning through the days of struggle.  And I cherish the lessons I'm learning, I cherish the coming to the end of myself and my strength, because that is when I truly find Christ and see Him for who He is and all that offers me.
I'm learning to focus on what's most important on my to-do list {e.g. school, feeding the kids, meeting the needs that present themselves day after day.} I'm learning to focus on living the life God has called me to live and not someone else to live.  I'm learning to be less defensive and keep my mouth shut, to think before I speak, to question if I'm saying something to be self-promoting or encouraging to someone else.  Over the past 6 months or more, I've realized my habit to defend myself, either in face to face conversations or via this blog.  So much of what I do and why I do it really doesn't matter to anyone else, I am at a place where I really don't see the need to promote my life's agenda or sell it to anyone else, I just want to live my life and let it speak for itself.  Prayfully, it will speak of God's power and grace, His plan for my life and reflect Him.
That is a large goal to attain and without seeking Him and fully relying on Him for wisdom and strength, I will fail.
{Brady just came over to me and laid his head on  my leg, like he does 20-30 times a day.  I love him so much and I'm soak him up as my baby.  It's little bittersweet that he won't be the sole baby around the house in a couple of months, but I also know how little he'll mind it.  He loves babies right now and every time he sees a picture or a real baby he excitedly signs. "baby" and tries to love on it.}
He's walking, from one thing to the next, but longer distances  of 10-15 steps at a time.
The girls have been celebrating Valentine's all week, it's still Bethany's favorite holiday.  Jenna and she have been wearing pink and purple with tiaras everyday.  She couldn't sleep the night before we celebrated because she was too excited about what Joe was going to give her.  Joe is just as excited to bring her something special and watch her light up.
Joe and I started out the week with a really bad cold and I am still miserable.  So far, the kids are all well, I'm so thankful I've gotten to be sick while they are well, because I've been very wiped out.  On the 14th, Joe and I woke up to our heat not working.  In the end, we had to pay a hefty bill to replace a part, but in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't as bad as it could've been and God had just provided us with money to pay for the repair only days prior.  It certainly wasn't how I hoped to spend the money but nevertheless, God provided for a need and I am so grateful for His provisions.
So, our Valentine's was spent at my parents warm house, waiting on the repairman and in the end we celebrated a meal with my parents and sister that the kids helped cook.  They also made Valentine's and decorated.
Yesterday, we had our own Valentine's Day which we had planned on doing prior to the 14th being such busy day full of a cold house and Joe and I being sick. This year we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day on the 15th, the reason being to spend less and really focus on the fact that telling others you love them can be done any day of year.
We shared a special supper of spaghetti, with red sushi ti drink in goblets and for desert we had red velvet cake.
 The kids eagerly waiting to see what Joe brought home...
 I think the pictures speak for themselves, everyone was very happy and grateful for the lavish love Joe brought home..
In other news, Joseph lost his first tooth on Sunday.  Joe pulled it and despite the screaming that sounded like he was being murdered, Joseph said it didn't even hurt.  Go figure!?  We made a special trip to the grocery for ice cream and Joseph picked out Cookies n' Cream.
 I bought a new camera lens, at a local pawn shop for $20!! While trying to decide if I should make the drive to closest major city to by a new used for $125 or order one off the Internet for $100 but have to wait several weeks for it to arrive, I thought to call local pawn shops.  Only one shop had this one lens, the one I needed.  The lady said it had been there forever and she agreed to take less than the asking price when I showed her a worn seal on the back of the lens.  I brought it home and switched out the seal from my broken lens and it seems to be working just fine.  This has been another blessing that God has provided for me and it has meant so much to know that He cares about the things that are so important to me.
Brady is no longer loving on me, he's crying for some breakfast so I must go start this day. There is always so much more I'd like to get in here, but time does not allow.


OneMommy said...

They look like they thoroughly enjoyed their Valentine's Day.
I love that your little one comes and loves on your leg all day long - my little guy still does it some, but I know how quickly it will seem to end one day. I treasure it.
Enjoy the rest of your week with you beautiful babies.

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

You're such an awesome Mommy! You baked and cooked and decorated for V-Day, all while not feeling so great. You rock, Miranda! And the pics are adorable as always!

Miranda said...

Thanks for the compliment Melissa, it made me feel good.

Melissa Nicole said...

I agree, you rock! I have been blessed to see you become the sweetest mama ever.

SailorMoon said...

The kids smiles are adorable!! A picture does say a thousand words. ;)