Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pregnancy and weekend update

We are all well again, and life has been busy this past week. I'm tired but I think this is just my normal mode now.  Sometimes I seriously worry that I'm just lazy, but I know it's so much easier to pick things up off the floor when my belly isn't the size of {2} basketballs.  I tell myself, "This won't last forever." but it feels like I've been lazy alot over the past 7 years, battling a thyroid problem, mono and 5 pregnancies, sometimes I wonder what it's like to not get acclimated to a new routine only to disrupt it with a life changing event or addition.
Will I ever be able to organize my house like I'd like to, to be able to finish up projects that aren't practical or I'm not physically able to do during pregnancy or have the time to invest with a nursing baby?  It's been the same waiting game on much of my to-do list, waiting for a better time, when I feel well enough...  I suppose everyone deals with the same balancing act and trying to fit things into their busy life, I guess I'm just feeling the need to really get a grip on some clutter and projects before Little Monkey gets here.  The countdown seemed to set in today and I am urgently feeling the rush to make a lengthy must-do list and start chipping away at it.
I was 30 weeks pregnant on Sunday, I have always gone on my own or been induced 7-10 days prior to my due date and I feel certain that will be the case again this time.  So, I've 9 weeks left to get my act together! :)  9 weeks of a belly getting bigger and my body becoming more fatigued.
I had a check up yesterday and all is going well with my pregnancy.  Little Monkey is very active, all the time now, which I love.  I have had to start taking Zantac daily because my heartburn was so bad and Tums weren't good for my blood sugar, nor were they helping much.  I have gained 8 pounds, although I feel like I I've gained 50!!  Braxton Hicks are a daily happening still.
I have an ultrasound tomorrow to monitor the baby's growth due to my gestational diabetes.  We are excited to get a peek at Little Monkey but will not be finding out if it's a boy or girl. I'm praying the tech won't spoil anything, I so do not want to find out yet.
Last Friday, my brother and sister in law had their second little one, another girl.  I don't have any pictures of her yet, but we had the fun task of keeping my niece Maddie all weekend and I do have lots of pictures of her.  Maddie is 2 and she and Jenna get along really well.  Jenna loves having Maddie around and the two of them played and played.

We all enjoyed having Maddie around and getting to spend so much time with her.  She is very sweet.


Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

She loved hanging out at your house! Thanks again!

Eleana said...

Love the princesses on the couch.
Hang in there, soon you'll meet the little monkey and it'll all be worth it. Enjoy your peek tomorrow :o)

Catherine Anne said...

So good to stop in. Your babies are growing. Love all the sweet pics:)

Rutledge 7 said...

we love cousin time! and i really think jenna and maddie look a lot alike! 2 peas in a pod:)

Rutledge 7 said...

we love cousin time! i think jenna and maddie look a lot alike! 2 peas in a pod:)

Taylor Wise said...

Those costumes are adorable. And savor this time before everything changes again!