Thursday, February 23, 2012


LOVE this girl!! She is beautiful inside and out, Bethany I love you!!

It's a beautiful day today!!  Spring is definitely in the Kentucky air, although I'm still a tiny bit bitter that winter didn't give us a single snow day.  I am glad that Joe's summer won't be cut short with make up snow days and he'll be getting off for summer break within days of Little Monkey arriving.
The sunshine is pure warmth and it felt good shining on our faces as we had lunch on a blanket in the backyard.  Hoping the extra Vitamin D will help completely end our lingering colds.
Brady made me smile as he explored the backyard on foot, the first time ever to walk across grass.  I love to watch my kids light up as they discover new places and especially God's creation.  {If you're in the mood for a flashback, this picture of Brady made me think of the one posted of Jenna here.} 

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Rutledge 7 said...

love springtime, sunshine and kids!!!