Saturday, March 24, 2012

Conversations with Jenna

Jenna fell and scraped her knee on the sidewalk this morning.  I know it hurt, but she milked it for all it was worth, plus more.  She was pitiful and had to have a cold wash rag and something special to eat, she even asked for a sippycup of milk.  {She doesn't drink out of sippycups anymore.}

I was sitting next to her and we talked.  Jenna loves to talk and be talked to.

I asked her what she wanted to be like when she grows up.
"I want to be a learner.  A learner at church, I want to go to church and learn the little boys and gu-rls about Jesus."
"You want to teach little boys and girls about Jesus and be a teacher at church?" I asked.

I asked what other things she might like to do and she said, "Maybe, I could give out ice cream, you know drive an ice cream truck.  And, maybe...I could give out gummies too!"

I asked if she thought she might like to get married if she meets a nice man someday, she said yes.  Than she added, "I don't want to be lonely."
I don't want her to ever be lonely either, not because she has a big family or meets a nice man to take care of her, but because she has God living inside of her.  I pray she grows up and teaches many little ones about Jesus and His great love for them, what an amazing thing for a 3 year old to want to be.  And, if she drives an ice cream truck, that would be awesome too!!  We agreed she would have to sell marshmallows, her favorite snack.


BARBIE said...

What a precious conversation!

Julia said...

How precious! I haven't heard that kids would say that they want to teach about God when they grow up! Your daughter is a true angel!

Amanda Brady said...

Maybe she can drive the ice cream truck and invite all her customers to the church where she can teach them about Jesus! What a sweetheart!