Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A whirlwind post

BradyBoy is 15 months old today!  This boy brings us so much joy, we all adore him and dote on him endlessly.  Joe and I were talking the other day about how all of our kids had very distinct characteristics at this age and they are still very true of their personalities now.  Brady's two most distinct traits right now, that stand out from all the other normal 15 month old traits, would have to be how happy he is and how much he loves to clean.
 He has always been easy going and his face isn't big enough for his smile.  Lately, he has started loving to wipe things like the floor, furniture and his highchair tray with anything that will serve as a rag or wipe. {The other day he was using a random pair of underwear from the laundry pile.}  He picks things up off the floor and brings them to me.
Recently, he has started to follow simple commands, like to bring me a diaper or shut the door.  He likes to feel like he helps us even though he makes more messes than I can pick up in 10 minutes.
He obviously doesn't understand that toilets are unclean because if a bathroom door is ajar, he WILL play in the toilet.  While my niece was here last weekend, I found them both playing in the toilet, covered in water, both of their heads soaking wet.  I should have taken a picture but I couldn't get them in the tub fast enough.
He also loves to have his hair brushed and brings me a brush several times a day signing for me to brush his hair.  He likes to pray, several weeks ago, out of the blue he started folding his hands to pray over pretend food from the play kitchen and now he does it many times a meal.  We never worked on this, he just picked it up from watching us.
In the above picture he is signing more, and below he is rubbing his belly with both hands signing please.
 He signs many signs. Mamma, Sissy, phone, book, bird, tree, light, night-night, paci, more, please, all done, milk, bath, and brush are all that I can think of right now.  He is starting to learn animal sounds, so far, dog, monkey and duck.
His two words are Da-da and Nana.  He is obsessed with bananas right now.
We had a lone fly flying around the house today.  Joseph climbed up on the cabinets to get two fly swatters off the top of the fridge.  Later, he had a piece of bread in the middle of the kitchen floor, slapping it with the fly swatter.  Bethany and he were going to wait out his invention of a trap and when the fly came to land on the bread slice, they would kill it.  I realized what was going a little too late, after they had already beat the bread to death with dirty fly swatters, I informed them to please throw the bread outside and DO NOT put it back into the bread bag!!
Jenna was disappointed there weren't three fly swatters and she had to wait for a turn, she called it a nas-nadder.  She has said many funny things lately, like the other night she drew my dad a picture and told him to keep it in a special place, like in his nail polish drawer!  She referred to the screen in the van that displays the temperature outside as a nom-iner, we figured out she was trying to call it a monitor.
Little Monkey is well and growing.  My ultrasound went great, the baby is estimated to weigh 4lbs 2 oz.  The ultrasound tech did great at keeping the big secret and didn't even look for herself so she wouldn't risk spoiling the surprise. Eight weeks or so to go!  I'm so excited about everything, finding out if it's a boy or girl and getting to hold this little one, so much to look forward to.  At the same time, I'm trying not to focus on the end yet and enjoy these last weeks with just four children and especially Brady being the baby.
Have you seen the commercial for KFC's new chunky pot pie?  Maybe it's a pregnancy thing, because I'm normally not influenced by food on TV.  I saw it one time and had to make chicken pot pies for supper the next night.  They were SO yummy, it had been forever since I made chicken pot pie.
 I've been craving many things lately, mostly sweet things and I love to bake so I bake and can get away with eating small amounts here and there.  The belly is growing bigger and bigger, I definitely can't see my feet anymore and I have to lean over to see Brady beneath it when he is pulling at my legs for me to pick him up.
The weather has been crazy, cold and warm and scary.  Two days last week we hid in my parents basement, had tornadoes in our town and devastating tornadoes in our state.  It's very sad to see so much destruction of homes and lives.  We are thankful for our safety and continue to pray for those who have lost so much.
These are my little hobo's that have gone out to play on the sun shiny days.  Some days they have had to wear coats and boots and some days they wore flip flops and shorts.  We have soccer evaluations starting this weekend, not sure how this season will play out with a baby arriving right in the middle of it, but we'll make the most of whatever we're able to work in.  Bethany and Joseph are happy to get to play again, we all enjoyed it last year.
I am being summoned to an UNO game!  So long for now, have a good week!!


~Mom~ said...

Brady is such a sweet boy! He just can't grow up yet.... You will just have to have 2 babies for a while. ;) How exciting!!! Can't wait.

I don't see chicken pot pies, I see blackberry cobblers that need vanilla ice cream on top! MMMM
You are a good baker! I may have to ask for that for my B day dessert. I am planning ahead.

Sarah said...

Aww Yay for 15 months! Oh boy does he look cute in those pjs! Those pies look great too. I made some yesterday =)

- Sarah

SailorMoon said...

Wondered how you were with tornadoes and glad to hear you made it!! Your kids are so cute and can't wait to see the next one!! We love soccer, both my boys play competitively and my senior is down to 3 high school games left. I cannot believe it, this year has flown by.