Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby update and Hudson Taylor read

I can't even tell you how happy I am today! I went to my 37 week OB appointment this afternoon and my doctor told me she has set up my induction for April 26th!  I was expecting May 2, which I didn't mind since it is a week before my due date and my 30th birthday, but I'm really glad that this baby will have it's own birthday more than 5 days prior to Jenna's birthday.
I've also started getting antsy worrying how big this little one is going to be. I'm getting more miserable and concerned that it may be caused of this baby's size, although it might not be.  I had this feeling the last weeks of Jenna's pregnancy, just so much pressure and like there is no room inside of me, and she weighed 9lbs 6oz.
I can't believe this Little Monkey will be here in 10 days for sure, or less.  I always like to go into labor on my own but I am fine with being induced if the 26th gets here and I'm still preggo!!  I have to get busy and pack my bags, it's really quite surreal to think this is happening.  I'm so excited to meet this little precious life, we all are.  It's always such a special day meeting God's gift to our family.
Ya'll know I'm a fall lover at heart, it's been my favorite forever 'n ever.  This year though I've really enjoyed, dare I say loved, spring.  It's been a beautiful, early season, preceded by a very dull and nearly snow-less winter.  Maybe it's also because I'm pregnant and eager to welcome a new baby into this world during a time when everything is new and fresh.
We have been outside more than ever.  The kids play on the playground every possible day and yesterday they were thrilled to find something special to entertain them in the backyard, a baby robin.
It was a windy Sunday, so we're not sure if the wind blew it out of it's nest or it's mother kicked it out.  Either way, it couldn't fly and was not persuaded to learn quickly as 4 little, giggling, squealing kids chased it all around the yard.  They may have touched it and held it.  {Disclaimer:  No birds were injured during this learning discovery!}
Jenna tried to feed it a blade of grass...
 Brady tried to trample it to death numerous times and Bethany held him off...
 Joseph found a worm that was refused...
Eventually, they lost it through the fence, despite Bethany's yelling at Joseph to not let it go, because she wasn't going to touch it!  Then we washed and hand sanitized, and then they worried over it, until Jenna came running in proclaiming that it had indeed learned to "flew".  "Mommy!  The baby bird flew!!  It flewed away!  We sawed it, it learned how to flew because it saw all the other birds do their wings like this, " arms stretched out parallel to the floor, "and it knew how to flew!!"
I told you this boy is a climber and true to his nature he took off on the playground tonight, I surely don't know how I'm ever going to keep up with this kid, look out world.  Brady can now climb the ladder all by himself and go down the slide.
He tried and tried and almost got up the slide.
I prefer him buckled in the swing myself, thankfully he didn't protest and still thinks that swinging is pretty great too.
 He found an ant that was crawling up the slide and he had fun trying to squish it.
Our toothless girl!  She is such a drama queen and loosing teeth is very dramatic and traumatic.  After Joe pulled her tooth that had been loose for such a long time, especially the past week, she ran into the bathroom and looked into the mirror.  Joe and I could hear her as she yelled, exclaiming, "Oh, oh, oh, IT LOOKS TERRIBLE!!!  OH, my GOODNESS!! I look AWFUL!!!"  We both couldn't help laughing and only minutes later, she was so relieved to have it out, she said, "Mommy, I feel so good now, like I don't have a worry in this world!"
Today I started reading Hudson Taylor's autobiography, I may finish it before bed tonight, it's that good. I'm only half through and it's already worth the time.  I knew very little about this man, other than he was a missionary to China.  I have underlined and highlighted so much.
On the first page, "It is always helpful for us to fix our attention on the Godward aspect of Christian work; to realize that the work of God does not mean so much man's work for God, as God's own work through man."
I heart was especially touched as I learned, that around 1830, Hudson Taylor's father was stirred for China, knowing that he himself likely could never take the gospel to China, he prayed that God would give him a son, whom might take the God's Word to China someday.  Hudson did not even know of this prayer his father prayed until after he had spent 7 years in China.
Hudson also tells of how he was skeptical of God and message of the Bible at a young age and how his mother and sister prayed for him and his conversion came about, a really incredible testimony of the power of a parents' prayer once again.
Years prior to going to China, Taylor knew God was calling him there and made preparations by learning to live on less and tells many instances of trusting God for financial needs, because he gave so much away and lived on so little.  He said, "I believe we are all in danger of accumulating -- it may be from thoughtlessness, or from pressure of occupation -- things which would be useful to others, while not needed ourselves, and the retention of which entails loss of blessing.  If the whole resources of the Church of God were well utilized, how much more might be accomplished!  How many poor might be fed, and naked clothed and to how many of those as yet unreached the Gospel might be carried!"
I know it might seem odd to find encouragement for motherhood from an autobiography of a missionary, but God calls us all to live for Him and surrendered to Him.  I want to live a life of faith and trust in Him and fully obedient to whatever He ask me to do.  I struggle with fully trusting, quickly obeying and keeping Him first in my life.  I know as Taylor knew his calling, that I am called to mother these 5 children and I want to be all that God's grace can do through me, for Him.
"...we should never lose sight of the higher aspect of our work -- that of obedience to God, of bringing glory to His name, of gladdening the heart of our God and Father by living and serving as His beloved children."


Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

April 26th - that's awesome!!! I'm SO excited to see Maddie and Celie's new little cousin! P.S. you inspire me to get back into my reading that I've neglected since Celie was born. If you can do it with 4 children and 1 on the way, then I should get my act together and finish that book I've been half through since January! :)

Eleana said...

Wow! It is definitely a full and exciting time for you. I look forward to being introduced to the new member of your precious family soon and wish you the very best.

Miranda said...

How wonderful to know when s/he is coming! I have until the end of July and I am so antsy already to meet this little baby! Enjoy your last few days as a mommy of 4! Congrats!

Sarann said...

I am so excited for you, and to find out what Little Monkey is!!! Do you have any Mother's intuition? Brady looks so grown up climbing the ladder, they are all precious blessings!

(Oh and don't birds chew up their food and regurgitate it to the baby, maybe if Joseph would have dont that the bird would have taken his worm, LOL!)

Miranda said...

Sarann, I do have an intuition, that this is girl. My intuition has always been correct with the other 4 but I really don't put much stock in it! :)
Yes, mother birds do regurgitate their food, I wasn't going to suggest it! Uck! :)

Eschelle said...

Good luck with your newest addition I hope that it goes nice and smoothly for you!! P.S. your property is INCREDIBLE!!

new follower from the hop it is very nice to meet you!

Ashley Pichea said...

Your kiddos are too cute!!

The UBP is a highlight of my blogging year, and I'm so glad that you've linked up this year!! I look forward to getting to know you better in the months to come.
- Ashley Pichea

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

You've got your hands full with that little guy, don't you? Your kids are super cute, and I was so entertained with all the baby robin activity! :)

Ms POSH said...

Wonderful photos!
Stopping by from the UBP to say hello.
Have a great weekend!