Monday, April 23, 2012

Cold weekend

Saturday Bethany and Joseph had their first soccer games of the season.
We froze, but cheered and were happy to be there none-the-less.  It was 46 degrees, damp and very windy.  I tried to take lots of pictures because I may not get to their games for a several weeks with the new baby, especially if the weather is yucky.
 Joseph's game was first and he had alot of fun.  We were proud of him, he scored 2 goals.  He fell down several times but got right back up and never cried, a big improvement from last year.
Bethany really surprised us, she is on a team of only one girl, plus herself, and the rest are boys, big boys.  The girls on the team are 7 and the boys are all 9, except for one 10 year old.  We haven't quite figured out how or why that is, but even out of the team they played Bethany and her girl teammate were the smallest on the field.
Last season, Bethany was never really set on playing again this season.  We were a little surprised when she wanted to play again.  She is enjoying it more than last year.  At the end of her game her coach gave her the yellow sticker for Christ-likeness, because she had a smile on her face the whole time she was playing.  One of her boy team mates spoke up and said what a great job she did passing the ball and how great she played, then a couple of the other boys gave her high-fives.  I thought is was really sweet.  Bethany played really determined and was very aggressive.  I don't think either team scored a single goal, they both played really tough, we are proud of how hard she worked and  how she never gave up.
Saturday evening I started having contractions, at bedtime I decided to sleep them off.  I had a hard time going to sleep because of them, but they did eventually stop and I slept.  Yesterday morning, they started back and stayed really consistent all day.  We went to church, I ate, I took a nap, I packed my bags, but I didn't do anything extra to try and have a baby.  I was not going to wear myself out trying to make something happen, and nothing did, eventually it all stopped around bedtime last night.
I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, at this point it's all a wait and see.  It helps knowing the Thursday is right around the corner too! :)
Brady is saying, "Jenna" now, it sounds like "Nenna" most of the time, so adorable.  He has been saying, "Ss-ss" for "Sissy", not saying anything for Joseph yet, we're working on "Buddy".

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