Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break

Yesterday, we spent the day at Berheim Forest, one of our very favorite places to go. It's just a really beautiful place to have a picnic and we always have so much fun outside when we visit. The kids love the wildlife, the ponds and the playground, we stopped by the visitor's center and there were special activities for the kids on spring break. We found out that sculpture artist, Patrick Dougherty, was there creating a tree sapling sculpture.  He has just started, above was their progress so far.  We hope to go back and see the finished artwork.  He will be there working on his creation until the 26th of April.  I'd love to go back and photograph it, and I really think the kids need something like this in the backyard to play inside.  Wouldn't that be the coolest tree-house ever!?  Here are a few creations he has made, how whimsical and beautiful are they?!

If you live in the area you should go check out Patrick's work and the rest of the week they have free activities for the kids.  We may go back again before the week is over.
Every time we visit Berheim we have a really memorable time together and yesterday was just another great day there.  The kids enjoyed the activities, they made animal track molds from clay.  Joseph made a deer track, Bethany a raccoon track {because she is still afraid of them} and Jenna an opossum track.
The best part was watching Jenna fearlessly hold a Madagascar Cockroach, a Millipede and a Mealworm.  Bethany and Joseph wouldn't touch any of them but Jenna loved every minute of it.  She said they tickled her hands.  I am thankful for her curiosity and that she doesn't follow the crowd.

Bethany made Jenna some paper rings on the way to Berheim so that is what is tied to her fingers.  There is a tree that we always pass when we play in the creek there and the kids call it the pregnant tree.  Joe had to take my picture next to the it, we look so much alike, at least our bellies.
It was a beautiful day, we enjoyed a short hike.  The kids ran ahead and Brady begrudgingly rode in his stroller most of the day.  He is getting to that tough stage of wanting to go and do, but there is no way we can keep up with him on foot in wide open spaces.  It's a tough place to be, as a parent and as a child.  I know it won't last long though, pretty soon he'll be like Jenna running up ahead and going down the highest slide.
While we were out enjoying the day, my bedroom was being painted.  I've wanted to paint my bedroom since we moved in and especially before Little Monkey comes.  All along I've known that if I painted the bedroom it would be a very bad decision, that I would pay for dearly in my neck.  I gave up the thought several weeks ago, even marked it off my to-do list.  Two, very sweet and thoughtful, people came and painted my bedroom for me, out of the great kindness of their Great Big Giant hearts.  We came home to a beautifully painted room, I am so happy with the color and now I'm eager to get the rest of the room in order.  I'm looking for a bedspread, I had one I found and loved but it isn't in-stock, so I'm trying to fall in love again with something else.  I will definitely be posting about that when it is in order.  {"Thank you" just isn't enough to thank you both for taking on such a big project!!  I really so appreciate all your time and hard work.}
Today we took the three oldest bowling for the first time.  They had fun and liked it.  I didn't take my camera because I didn't feel like messing with it, but I should have, they were cute.  I bowled three times and then had Joe take my turns the rest of the game, I've been having Braxton Hicks ever since. :)


Sarann said...

I will have to keep in mind the labor inducing bowling trick if this baby takes her sweet time like her older brother!

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Jenna is such a cool kid! And you look beautiful!!

Miranda said...

Thanks Melissa!

Miranda said...

I wouldn't recommend it. :) It really doesn't work just brings on misery!! I didn't want to bowl at all, but Joe "made me". :)

Amy said...

What a wonderful day--and that sculpture! I have seen some of that artist's work before, and it is amazing--so glad you reminded me of his name!...the tree and you cracked me up. You don't look like that tree! Hope you are feeling well and strong.

Jillzy said...

Hi Miranda! I love your pictures! I found you through UBP 2012. I was recently nominated for the Liebert Blog award and now I would like to nominate you. Please visit me at All About Jillzy for details. Good luck!

Jillzy said...

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