Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our trip to Old Fort Harrod

We went to visit Old Fort Harrod State Park on Friday, it was such a fun day.  We had visited Fort Boonesborough before Brady was born and that had been a super fun day of learning as well.  The two forts are similar in many ways. Fort Boonesborough was interesting because there is so much to learn about Daniel Boone there, Fort Harrod on the otherhand doesn't offer much history or nostalgia about it's leader, James Harrod.  However, Fort Harrod offered lots of history on the time period and some of the people who lived there.  There is also a museum with all kinds of civil war memorabilia that we were able to tour with our admission to the fort.
There is a federal monument in front of the fort in honor of Georges Rogers Clark, dedicated in 1934 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to commemorate those pioneers who opened up the western frontier for settlement.  Also located in the park, is the cabin where Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Lincoln were married, the parents of Abraham Lincoln.

Another really neat things we got to see was this huge Osage Orange Tree, it is very old, 18th century, and beautiful.  The kids loved climbing on, under and around it.  We all liked this tree, it was pretty magnificent.
This was Bethany's last day with just one front tooth missing, yesterday she lost her other front tooth.  I'll post pictures of her new cute smile another time.
 The playground in the picnic area was a big hit with the kids too.  I am enjoying these days of playgrounds being highlights to our trips.  I know that one day, no one will care about the playground.
 We all had an enjoyable spring break and as always get spoiled having Joe home with us, especially me.  Our summer break comes early this year since we didn't have any snow days, so it won't be much longer before we get to have him home again soon, and I know I'll be ready for all the help I can get as we transition from 4 to 5 little monkeys.

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