Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5 Little Monkeys

First attempt taking a picture of all five of them.  I had put it off until I thought I had the patience and plan for it.  Things actually went better than I expected, these kinds of photoshoots are always hard, especially with a 17 month old.  Brady did well, and I can tell you I only took pictures for less then 5 minutes, because after that he was done.
 I didn't plan on taking these but they just happened and I love them a bunch!!
 I compromised and let him keep his paci, he wasn't giving it up without a fight and I took the smile behind the paci.  Plus, this is where we are in life right now, he has a paci that he loves very much and if we take it out of his mouth he takes Anne's.  For everyone's safety and sanity, we're keeping the paci awhile longer.
 Love my BradyBoy! Love all my kiddos, they are awesome and make motherhood the best!  As promised for good behavior during pictures, we watched I Love Lucy the rest of the morning.


Anonymous said...

I love every bit of your post today! I love how REAL you are! I love your flexibility and honesty! You amaze me!


Miranda said...

You are very sweet to comment and encourage me, thank you!!

BARBIE said...

Your little family is beautiful, and you captured them perfectly!

Eleana said...

I Love Lucy for the morning?! I'd be right there ready to smile for that ;o)I think it was a wonderful attempt... the ones where they show their personality are always the best. Your children are adorable and you are wonderful for the things you do with them.