Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Anne Charlotte's arrival

Thursday, April 26 I arrived at the hospital for my induction of Little Monkey at 6 AM.  The first thing the nurses told me when I turned the corner by the nurses station was that they didn't have any beds open for me, they were going to put me in triage area until a bed came available.  Triage is a large room with 3 stretcher like beds divided by curtains.  At first I was the only person in there, but soon women began rotating in and out for testing and observation.
Joe was stuck over in a really tight corner in a hard chair.  We both hoped it wouldn't be long before we could move to a more quiet, comfortable room.  The nurse got my IV in on the second try, which was perhaps my best IV experience ever, usually it takes 3 or 4 attempts by 2 or 3 nurses.  IV's and I don't mix well, even this best experience ever was horrible.  By 7, my nurse started Pitocin and someone said we might get moved out of triage around 10.
The hours ticked by slowly and we both tired of listening to everyone else come and go.  The bed was really hard and I was uncomfortable.  My nurse had checked me when I first came in and I was already dilated to 3 so she was hesitant to increase the Pitocin afraid I'd progress quickly and be ready to deliver before I got a room.  10 came and we found out I wouldn't be moving until 12:30, so we waited and grew frustrated and tried to tune out all the people outside the curtains.
We finally had a room and moved into it around 12:30, I have never been so happy to see a labor and delivery room!  By that point we were both exhausted, it had been such a long day.
 As soon as my Pitocin was increased things started moving along, I got an epidural and we waited for my doctor to come after office hours to break my water.  She came around 6:30 and I was dilated to 6.  Soon after that the epidural slowly started to not work and then each contraction was more and more painful!!  My nurse tried to give me more medicine but it didn't help a lick and eventually wasn't do anything.  I very uncomfortable and really struggling to keep from screaming.  I was beginning to think I couldn't handle much more when a little after 8 my doctor came in and checked me.  She said we were ready to have a baby!  Finally!!
She let the nurses know and they all came running in getting everything ready.  Since we didn't know what we were having everyone was excited to find out and several nurses that weren't even working with us came in just to watch, I've never had so many people in the delivery room before, I was apologizing for making such terrible sounds with each contractions. I was laughing at myself to try to keep sane!! They all guessed Little Monkey was going to be a boy because her heart rate was 120-140's.
Joe and I had told the nurses to let our doctor tell us what the baby was when it was born.  The doctor told me to push then wait. With the second pushout came our Little Monkey at 8:24pm.  My doctor held her up and when she didn't say what the baby was I asked, and she told me to look.  The umbilical cord was between her legs and I moved it and was shocked that it was a girl!!
I had felt like I was having a girl all along, but I really didn't expect to be right.  I have been right in my feeling all 5 times, how can that happen!?  At first we thought she looked like Brady, and she felt small to me.  The nurses told me she wasn't small and I clarified that she was small for my baby.
 She weighed 8lbs 7oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.  They checked her over briefly and Joe brought her to me for Kangaroo care.  This is the first time our hospital has offered Kangaroo care, where you hold the baby skin to skin for an hour after the baby is born.  I LOVED it because usually the baby is across the room on the warmer, getting a bath and I can't see anything.
 It was getting late and I knew the kids were getting restless waiting to come meet Anne.  Joe had gone to the waiting room to tell them what the baby was soon after she was born.  Bethany was hoping for a girl but said she would be happy with a boy.  Joseph was wanting another brother and Jenna was really, really convinced that it was a sister!!  She wouldn't even entertain the thought of it being a boy.
The pictures say it all, Bethany jumped three feet off the ground when Joe told them and Jenna wasn't really surprise because of course it was a girl.  Joseph let a big, "Oh!" of disappointment.
Brady immediately and repeatedly signed, "baby" when he saw Anne and wanted to keep rubbing her head.
Jenna was thrilled to have her little sister.  She had decided the baby would be named Olivia since the day we told them I was pregnant.  We had seriously contemplated naming her Olivia, but in the last week we settled on Anne Charlotte.  When Jenna came back she would say Anne's name was Olivia when anyone asked her and then laugh.
When Jenna met Anne, she rubbed her head and said, "Aww, I could just rub her head forever!"  Then she touched her toes and said, "Isn't she presh!?"
Joseph came over to look at Anne and rubbed her head, he turned to walk away and then he turned and came back.  He let a sigh and said, "Mommy, I think I'm getting attached."
 The kids all got armbands for being Big Brothers and Sisters.
 Bethany had been more anxious throughout the day and really missed Joe and I.  It was really sweet when she came over and gave me a big hug and told me she had missed me.

There just are no words for meeting your baby for the first time and laying eyes on this incredible creation God has crafted and gift He has given.  I cannot proclaim His goodness to us enough, I am humbled by His extravagant blessings to our family.

It was late and the kids were tired, some more than others.  It was time for the nurse to check Anne's blood sugar because of my gestational diabetes, it had been low right after she was born, I had nursed her and hoped it would be up.  It was still low so they gave her formula and checked it again, it was still too low.  The nurse explained that the doctor would order IV fluids, then she decided to send blood to the lab just to check that it really was low because Anne wasn't symptomatic of her sugar being as low as it read.

We were moved out of Labor and Delivery into a regular room at 12:30 AM.  I was really anxious about the possibility of her getting an IV, a little while later her nurse came in and told me that her labs came back great, her blood sugar was 46 and had to be over 40.  It was another blessing, she hasn't had any issues with blood sugar since.
It has taken a few days for it to feel right that we have a girl, I know it would be exactly the same if we had a boy.  It has been really strange not feeling like I already knew this little person.  Yesterday was the first day it felt right calling her Anne instead of Little Monkey, Jenna still calls her that which is really sweet.
It's time to feed my baby, will post more from our hospital stay soon!
~My sister did an INCREDIBLE job capturing our special moments on this precious day!  I don't know what I would do without her!! Thanks Carrie!


Sarann said...

What an incredible post, I'm sitting here in tears. So beautiful and thank you for sharing the wonder with us! I am so happy that everything went smoothly and Miss Anne arrived safe and sound.

PS I know this probably sounds crazy, but wanted to mention that I appreciate the modesty of your photos of the kangaroo care. I totally get how great that is for the baby, but lately I have been bothered by several friends of mine who posted bare chest/top photos of them with their babies. I think your photos are so tastefully done!

Anonymous said...

beautiful moments- thanks for sharing- sadly, they are not all that joyous at times. what an adorable family....

Jillian said...

Miranda and Joe,

Congrats on the arrival of Anne! So happy for you all! Also, very impressed at your promptness in keeping this blog so updated ! :) I will continue to pray for a smooth transition to your family of 7!

Eleana said...

Thanks for sharing your special moments Miranda! I love the looks of joy and love on your little ones' faces as they met their new sister. You and Joe are indeed lucky.

BARBIE said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments with us!

Melissa Nicole said...

Your account of the delivery of your sweet #5 was so good to read. The pictures captured so much of the energy and emotion. I just loved them!! Your entry had me smiling then in tears. You are a blessing and I am thankful for you and your precious family. Congratulations!!

SailorMoon said...

I too am in tears and congratulations!!! I love the pics of Joseph as he was told that she was a girl!! Precious. Enjoy them all!! ;)

Wanting What I Have said...

I wept reading this...congratulations! She is beautiful and I am so happy for your family. God has richly blessed you.