Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good days

I love her name!  I know, we named her so I should love it, right? It's something about the indecisive choice of a name until the last week, the unknown of who she was until she arrived, it's still settling in that Anne Charlotte is her name and I love seeing it on the wall. My sister crafted the banner for her.
I love her more each day, we all do, we fall deeper in love with her the more we know her.  She is beautiful.  I love her smell and her soft cheeks on my lips. Joe says he doesn't remember our other babies getting cuter every day, but I tell him we thought and felt this way about all of them. Something always feel like the first time, falling in love with one of our babies always feel like the first time.
I've started to try and undo the habit of Anne sleeping in her swing because she was congested.  Earlier in the week she wanted to be held all day, all the time. We want to hold her all day, I hold her alot and so does Joe, but there is laundry to be done and messes to be cleaned and other children to be fed and I enjoy a shower from time to time and Brady needs enormous amounts of attentiveness and hands on care and...well, we have had to work on her learning to be happy outside of our arms.
I've been nursing the nerve in my upper back again.  Same problem I had while pregnant, I was hoping it was a pregnancy thing that wouldn't return but I think it's caused from picking up and lugging around a 30 lb boy again.  I've been doing traction, heat and Motrin, it's improved but slowly. I am trying my hardest to not pick up Brady, it just takes more time to get him where he needs to go.
Every time I laid Anne down it was like an experiment to see what would work the best.  I swaddled her 10 different ways and with 10 different blankets. Finally yesterday, I think, I got it right, it's swaddled with her feet out and her arms loose and then laying the blanket I knitted over her, against her cheek.  I think it's the weight of the blanket she likes, or maybe she knows I made it for her.
She likes to swing but it's not a Brady safe zone unless we're close by or he's napping, he lifts up the tray and tries to get her out after he loves on her.

Everyday this week, she looks at us like she wants to smile but it hasn't happened yet.  I caught these while she was sleeping, love her eyes!

At the end of the day, I'm exhausted but yet, I still pause before I turn out the light to look at her one more time, she is still like the best present ever and I just want to hang onto each minute of every hour with her newness.

 I planned on having sparklers with the older kids one night of Memorial Day weekend, but night after night I was too tired, or they were too tired and it was too late.  Last night, I determined to make it happen.  We stayed out on the deck until midnight playing with sparklers.  It was fun to do something with just the 3 of them and worth the extra loss of sleep.
 Then we got creative and started making shapes, I wanted to try this photography trick and they thought it was cool too. Bethany made a heart, a star and a B.
Jenna did her own thing, imagine that!?
 Joseph made an eight for UK!
 This morning Bethany was holding Anne and I grabbed my camera for these, she is such a help to me. I forget she is only 7 sometimes.
We are going to get her hair cut soon.  She is donating it to Locks of Love.  I'm going to miss her beautiful hair but not miss brushing it out.
Night friends!


Rutledge 7 said...

we read a book series call the sugar creek gang to the kids... they love it, to put it mildly! anyway, the main character has a little sister named charlotte anne! i think of your precious anne charlotte when we read about her!

aubrey has donated to locks of love and pantene a few times... great experience but i always hate to see the long hair go! but i dont hesitate to take her to get it cut off!

Miranda said...

Oh, I loved reading those books! They are so fun and rich with character lessons. I have forgotten that was his sister's name. Thanks for the reminder they would make a good summer read!

Anonymous said...

I know you know this....but enjoy and savor every minute! I am mourning the fact that Selah is no longer my little bitty baby. Now she is crawling and exploring....I miss the itsy bitsy stage! ~Erin