Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More about Anne's arrival

The rest of our hospital stay went really well.  I have felt so much better after Anne was born than I did after Brady was born.  I had worried that I might have the same issues this time around, but I'm thankful that I didn't.  It has made difference, I have been able to enjoy these first days so much more.
All of my nurses were sweet and helpful.  We have been to that Labor and Delivery floor 5 times in 7 years, so we felt special when we returned this time and walking down the hall nurses would recognize us.  Nurses from our previous stays stopped in just to say hi and congratulate us.  Their excitement for us was touching, positive responses aren't always so easy to come by.
The kids came up several times, they were excited to see Anne every chance they could.  I missed them all.  Some of them missed me more than others, I am fine with that.  Bethany missed me the most and it's easier on me that she missed me rather than Jenna or Brady.  My mom is very special to them and they love spending all the time they can with her and at my parents house.  We just don't know what we would do without her!  She has been one busy Mamma this past week!!
Here are a few pictures Mamma took of the sibs!
This next one cracks me up, because this is so Jenna.  Being a nut, making faces and trying to be funny.

Brady was ready to take on Big brother role, but as you might imagine he is clueless and all boy.  He is so rough and "gentle" isn't even in his comprehension.  His pats are hits and his loving is a head-butt.  He loves Anne and wants to take off with her, by her arm.  As Bethany said, "He likes her version of everything he has!"  He takes her blanket and sticks her paci in his mouth.

We came home on Saturday. Anne has been such a calm and peaceful baby, she only cries when I take her clothes off to get her awake so she will nurse.  She sleeps when she should and she has awake times when she just looks around and intently listens to us talk to her.  She has been a little jaundice but thankfully nothing that needed treatment.  She was 8lbs 7 oz at birth on Saturday she was 7lbs 14oz and Monday at the doctor office she weighed 7lbs 10oz.  I had to supplement some formula and went back today to make sure her weight was up.  She weighed 7lbs 14oz again, I'm so thankful!
My mom has been keeping the kids alot, they trickle in and out and rotate from my house to her house.  Bethany and Joseph have spent some full days and nights at home but Jenna has been perfectly fine with staying at Mamma's.  Brady is the one I shouldn't really be lifting and he is a handful, so he has been spending more time with her when Joe isn't home to help me.  I miss them all, but it is a huge blessing to be able to have these first days to rest and enjoy Anne.
The kids were all home last night and it felt normal, Brady has gotten better about smacking Anne across the face to yank her paci out.  He is getting used to her and went around the house like he normally does, occasionally he came over to her and rubbed her head.  I'm sure it is gonna take some getting used to, but each day makes a little difference.
I can't imagine jumping right into life with all 5 of them right now, especially Brady.  Hoping to get into a new routine of life with all of them very soon though.  The older ones are really good for the most part.  We are so blessed to have my mom close and so willing to support us.  She is awesome!  People can't believe she is taking care of all 4 of them for us, but I can.  I love you so much Mom, Joe and I both say THANK YOU!!


Amanda Brady said...

Congratulations. Cant wait to get to meet sweet Anne. I find it interesting that you say positive responses are hard to come by. I used to get so frustrated when people would ask me when we were going to have kids and why we hadn't started. Not even considering the possibility that we couldn't have kids or didn't feel it was a good choice at that time. I actually had people tell me I was selfish because we didn't have kids. I guess unless you are the average family with 2.5 kids then people think it is fair game to share their thoughts on your choices. You can't please everyone, so just focus on what God has planned for your family .

~Mom~ said...

You are welcome Miranda and Joe. I love having these little moments in time with B,J,J and Brady. I am so thankful that I am just around the bend from you too. I have some amazing grand children and love spending time with them. :) I am thanking God for sweet little Anne and for you both. You are wonderful parents and your children are blessed to have been placed into your home.
I love you!

Miranda L. said...

Congrats, congrats congrats!! Anne is so adorable and seeing all her siblings loving her brings tears to my eyes and so many memories to the surface of when my siblings were born! Glad to hear everyone is doing well and settling in at home!

Sarann said...

Congrats, your story is so perfect and wonderful! I love reading your posts and appreciate that you have found the time to share your story even though I'm sure you are very busy at the moment.

Melissa Nicole said...

I love, love, love all of your pictures!! I love to hear how they are all adjusting to the newness of life. I hope you are feeling well. Blessings to you! Melissa

Wanting What I Have said...

I'm slightly behind on my blog reading, ahem...I didn't realize you'd welcomed a sweet baby girl into the world! I am so happy for all of you! Congratulations!!! What a precious blessing. xoxo

SailorMoon said...

Happy Birthday!! Love your shirt ideas for when Brady was born and now sweet Anne!! And you look like a teenager!! ;)