Thursday, May 10, 2012

oh. so. sweet.

Hello sweet reader! 
We are well, beyond well, really great.  Obviously, life is full but oh. so. sweet.  I'm trying to savor and cuddle and swaddle up all this goodness, this time is precious to me.  Anne Charlotte is doing fabulous, she continues to eat and sleep perfectly.  We have the occasional extra burping to help her tummy feel better, I smell like spit up and wake up every morning super tired, we're going through little diapers at an astronomical pace, but all in all I can't complain, not for a minute.

My boys are taken with her.  They came home from spending the day at my mom's and Joseph rushed in the house from the playground, when I asked where he was going he said, "To see Anne."  He came over to gaze at her. Brady always searches for her when he enters the room.
 Brady is still a paci thief but he is doing better about patting gently.  He looks at her and leans in to say, "Awe!"
All of the kids have had bad colds and coughs this week, praying that we can escape them without ear infections and sharing it with Anne. It's been hard keeping them apart, Anne has been sneezed on and coughed on despite my efforts.
Our A/C went out on Sunday, I felt like I was camping in the middle of summer that night.  I didn't want to be camping. Thankfully, the weather turned cooler and we've enjoyed open window weather until my dad fixed it last night.  We are really blessed to have him.
We've been really, truly, overwhelmingly blessed by so many people's kindness and generosity to our family over the past two weeks.  My mom has kept our kids and helped take care of my house and fed us. We've had family and friends bring us yummy meals and lots of brownies {we don't tire of brownies!}, gifts for Anne and gifts for the other kids.  It has meant so much to us!!
Crazy Girl turned 4 on Monday! Four!! What a fun four year old nut she is!  She keeps us busy and laughing and taking deep breaths.  On her birthday she came over to me, with a huge grin on her face, and said, "Mommy, guess what I put in my ear?!"  When I asked her she said, "I put a blue thread in there!"  I explained that she shouldn't ever put anything in her ears and when looking I couldn't see anything in her ear.  We shined a flashlight in it and still couldn't see a thread.  "Maybe I stuck it in da udder ear." she said.  I never did find it, inside or outside her ears. I guess she'll be just fine!
 We had a whole slew of special marshmallows for her little celebration, her favorite still.
She got exactly what she wanted for her birthday this year, a little sister!
 She also really wanted a computer, "a 'puter". and was thrilled to get that.
 My mom came over and helped make cupcakes with Jenna for her birthday.
 I'm looking forward to spending some time with her and taking her pictures, hopefully next week.  I've been thinking that often, "...hopefully next week." Tomorrow will be the first entire day I'll be with all the kids by myself.  Joe has a meeting after work, so it will be a long day, but I'm excited about the challenge and eager to take on my new life with our 5 children.  I've set my expectations very low, it's definitely not going to be easy or smooth.  The older kids will be just fine, it's the balance of Brady and Anne that is going to refine me.  I know we will be just fine though.
Perfect no, but it is the imperfect life that brings us to our need for Some One far greater than ourselves.  I'll be calling on the strength He offers.  I'm so thankful He is greater, oh. so. great.
 And then, there is naptime!  Thank God for naptime!!


Sarann said...

That is an "oh so sweet" post, congrats Miranda, you are one lucky Mommy!

SailorMoon said...

I say slew a lot too!! Everyone looks so happy!! Cannot believe Jenna is 4! She's my favorite I think. You'll be fine with all 5. You are a good mom and have your head on straight!! ;)

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Beautiful pictures as always! You are already awesome at being a Mama of 5. Hope your kiddos feel 100% better soon!