Monday, May 21, 2012

Popping in

Summer break is here!  Life with 5 littles is in full force, it's great and busy of course.  Joe and I both have moments of feeling like our family is ginormous. I mean it's big but we have moments when it feels like there are even more of us than truly are. Like suddenly there aren't enough seats in our living room and it feels like everyone needs help finding matching shoes and then tying their shoes.  No matter how much food I make they are always still hungry, after seconds, and thirds. There is laundry and more laundry, every day a load or two.  We visit with family and there aren't enough of them to talk to all of us.  We all end up talking over each other to talk to the same person.
We've already gone to the library to get some books to read together.  Currently, we are reading about Zebulon Pike, the soldier and explorer whom Pikes Peak is named after.  Fitting for our family. As a child I went to the top of Pikes Peak on a family vacation but no one else in our family has even been to Colorado.  After we read the book I've promised to get the home video from my parents so the kids can watch it, that'll be fun.
Joe painted a soccer field in the backyard, like he did last spring.  They played outside this morning after breakfast, Joe tied 8 shoes other than his own to get them out the door.
Jenna has learned how to swing all by herself.  She swings and sings her prayers, it is so precious.  She tells God {in song}how much she loves singing her prayers to Him.  Yes, I've been eaves dropping on her side of the conversations! It's incredible the things she says to Him, like, "One God, One Jesus, thank you for coming back to save us."
AnneGirl is perfect and we just love her more each moment we spend with her.  She finally caught the kids colds now that they FINALLY got over theirs.  She has been sleeping in her swing to help her breathe, she is a trooper.  She and I both made it to our first soccer game on Saturday since her birth. I was glad to watch Bethany and Joseph play again.
I am getting back into going and doing again.  It feels good to get out of the house, but it also feels really good to come back home.  I have a sore throat myself now and am kinda losing my voice, I'm not feeling the greatest today.  Praying it's just allergies.
I haven't had time for many pictures, the ones I have taken are on my sister's camera she lent me for a picture I am wanting to take.  Her camera won't upload on my computer, so no pictures today.  Hopefully I'll get that picture I have in mind and share it with you all.  We have plans to go to Bernheim this week, that makes me happy.
I will probably be blogging less since summer break is here and Joe is home, but you know I can't stay away for too long,

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