Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We heart Bernheim

We went to Bernheim Forest today and were able to see the end result of Patrick Dougherty's sapling sculpture. I have been eager to go back ever since we saw him working on it over spring break.  It's so cool, amazing and super fun to look at and walk through.
We had a great time at Bernheim, as always.  We were hoping the little bit of rain we had yesterday would've made the creek run that the kids like to play in, but it was dry.  Instead, we fed turtles, saw goslings that had hatched since we were there last, played on the playground and had a picnic.
 It is beautiful there this time of year, so many flowers and trees blooming.  Jenna especially liked a large area covered in purple flowers.
We are blessed to have such a neat place to visit often.  The kids are already hoping for a bunch of rain so we go back soon.
Joe has taken Bethany and Joseph to soccer practice and Jenna tagged along.  Brady is sleeping from our long day outside and Anne is in the swing.  I am trying to figure out how this happened!!  Maybe it's a small reward for the huge lack of sleep I had last night!


Sarann said...

Wow, neat place! How fun that Jenna's shirt is the exact color of the flowers, it's like you planned it!

Anonymous said...

I really liked the picture with all 5! =) ~Erin

Anonymous said...

Love the picture with you and all your little ones! Looks like a neat place to visit.