Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jenna's 4 year old pictures

Jenna and I stole away tonight to take pictures of her big four year old self.  We went downtown to take them, I had ideas and she had ideas. I had way over-planned for this photoshoot, I forgot she is four.  I took 172 pictures, she was planning on 3 or 4. She was excited about changing her clothes 3 times, she's that kinda girl.  She changes clothes at least 3 times a day! She was so good and worked well for me, I can't complain. Jenna will always happily wear whatever I buy for her, she is easy to dress.  She likes wearing headbands, even if they are uncomfortable she'll wear them because she likes them.
I am learning to say yes alot when I want a good picture.  I let her stand where she wanted and the way she want, most of the time.  If it had been up to her she would have posed with her chin tucked and hips stuck out every single time.
Because I said yes alot, she was in a good mood and smiled naturally when she didn't think I was snapping pictures. I love this little tiny squirt so much! Having her all to myself was super fun.  She still has such a baby face, her cheeks are just as cute as the day she was born.
She couldn't stand still when we started and I knew we should have gone to the potty before we left the house. We tended to that and she kept giggling her bubbly laugh.
 I melt at Jenna's big blue eyes, I melt when she reaches for my hand as we walk. She is precious to us, such a very special, unique part of our family. She has brought millions of smiles to my face and more are sure to come when she wakes tomorrow.
To say she is a blessing seems like not enough. How can I sum up in one word all that she means to us and how thankful we are for her. Our house is a blessing, our things are blessings, that list goes on and on, but the life of a child is so much more than material or earthly possessions. I tell her all the time that I love her name, that it's a beautiful name, that she is beautiful. Jenna means "God is gracious".
I promised her ice cream as an after treat.  She reminded me that we never replaced her Hello Kitty brush/mirror compact that fell into a pond at Bernheim over a week ago.  She had just gotten it and was crushed when it slipped out of her hand and into the water.  We promised her a new one but had forgotten.  When I bought it for her there was a bunch of orange ones and only one green one, she chose the green one.  I was a little worried that there would only be orange ones left.  I took her to get another one from Target's dollar bins and right away she picked up a green one!  The only one of any color they had left! I told her God was saving it just for her!
 Love you so much Jenna T. Oh my goodness, words just aren't enough.


Mamma said...

I came down to the lobby to the computer station.
I was laughing out loud as I looked at the pictures, with four other people looking at me like I am crazy. Well, crazy I am about my grandchildren. I should not have checked it. Now I am missing you all.
The pictures are beautiful! Love them and my adorable 4 yr. old grand daughter.
Love her posing!!!

Nate and Erin said...

Cute pictures! Did Carrie make the headbands? I especially like the first one!

Miranda said...

Thanks Erin. I made the headbands, although the first one I put together using the flower with pearls hair clip that Carrie picked-up somewhere.

BARBIE said...

Awe, what a cutie!

SailorMoon said...

I have always loved Jenna's cheeks!! I just want to pinch them off!! Can't believe she's 4!!

Wanting What I Have said...

I Loooooove the picture of her in front of the giant cream colored door. That is precious!!! And I don't remember if I got to comment on the pics you took of Joe and the kids on Father's Day - but those were amazing. Like - brought tears to my eyes.