Sunday, June 24, 2012

Living life

 Hello world! I hope you are staying cool this summer.  A/C is such a blessing I take for granted everyday, until it stops working.  Joe and I were physically ill when our air went out the other night. My dad was able to come over and fix it by soldering a wire.  This morning it stopped working again, I thought I'd look into the problem since my dad is on a well-deserved, long-overdue vacation.  It's 84 degrees in here, but it's working!! {I really didn't fix anything, and probably not the real problem, but for now it's running.} I have some time to blog a bit while I make sure it's going to keep working before I go pick up the rest of the napping family from my parents house.
This past week was restful and eventful.  It's the first week of summer we didn't have a single thing on the calender, it was really nice.  We went to Bernheim two days and on the first day Joe taught Bethany and Joseph how to ride their bikes without training wheels.  They both got the hang of it really quickly and it was an exciting time for all of us.
While they were taking turns learning with Joe, Jenna and I took a walk with Brady and Anne in the stroller. It's been neat watching Jenna lately.  Since Anne's arrival, she is a like one of the big kids in more ways than before, yet she still gets lumped in with the two little ones. So she takes on a big sister role over the little ones, but she is still such a fun four year old.  I love her at this age, simple things are so fun and she is easily entertained. She is curious about and fascinated by everything we're willing to teach her. Our walk was fun, we went over two bridges on a path, saw some geese and turtles.  We touched Touch-Me-Not's, one of my favorite things to show the kids.   We watched a deer and it was so great to watch her and Brady get excited.
She says the funniest things, we can't even keep track of them all.  The other day she was talking to Joe and said, "Lettme do I explain this??" One day while we were at Bernheim feeding turtles she was watching to see if a turtle or a fish would eat her turtle food first. She dropped a pellet into the pond and when a turtle ate it before a fish she said, "GOOD for YOU, Big Turtle!!"  So now when she does something well, like put her shoes on the right feet, I'll say, "Good for you, Big Turtle!"
The second day we went back so Bethany and Joseph could improve and both ride at the same time.  They are both thrilled to be riding without training wheels. It's unreal how much the two of them are growing and truly becoming big kids. Their clothes don't hang on little kids hangers anymore, I have to get them regular clothes hangers next time I'm out.  Both of them are constantly helping with the younger kids, not always peacefully or with the best attitude, but overall they do exceptionally well at being the oldest.  Joe and I are so very proud of them and thankful their lives.
 Jenna and Brady were excited about taking walks and eating snacks! Brady is such a handful, so big physically and wanting to be big enough to do everything.  My new nickname for him is "Baby Buffalo" because he will force his way through anything.  He will climb over whoever is in his way no matter how much smaller he is compared to them. He gets mad when he can't have what he wants or go where he chooses. Often he'll swat at whoever interferes with his plan, but when we tell him, "No, that's not nice." he'll lay his head over on them or give them a kiss.  He really is sorry most of the time. He is talking more and can say everyone's name in the family, Mumma, Da-da, Siss for Bethany, Bubba for Joseph, Nenna for Jenna and Onn for Anne. His feet are ginormous and always very stinky!

We visited Joe's soon to be 93 year old grandma one day, it was her first time meeting Anne.
The kids like to walk along and sit on this wall that runs alongside her driveway.  Their great grandpa built it.
 It's been a good summer.  Joe and I went horseback riding on a date one night, that was something we had never done together and it was fun. I got poison sumac on my hand from picking flowers of the roadside. I paid for the free flowers in the end! I started running a couple of weeks ago and now I'm nursing tendinopathy in my achilles tendon. I was in need of new running shoes and I think that is the cause of it.  Hoping with rest and new shoes it won't interfere too long. I've mentally been thinking about the upcoming school year but it's time to start placing orders for books and organizing my schoolroom.
It's 80 degrees in here now so it's improving some, everyone got their naps that wanted them so it's time for me to head out. So-long!


Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Looks like you all are having a great summer! How are you liking the new stroller?

Mamma said...

AWWW Love seeing you all!
Having a great time in TN. But miss you all.
Hi to all from Mamma and Papaw. Went to Cades Cove today. Tell the kiddos they would love our pool. I will bring a home a picture of it to show you.

Miranda said...

Love it!!

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Awesome! Glad it's working out well for you.

Sarann said...

Great post, happy to see the family of 7 settling in and enjoying life!