Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Brady Smiles

Brady is the boy of so many smiles you can't even count them for a minute.  He's always smiling, when he is bashful, when he is studying something and when he is in trouble.
 My favorite smile of his, it when he smiles so big it overtakes his face and his eyes nearly close completely.  If you look closely you'll see he has a dimple in the left corner of his grin. He is just such a happy {little} fellow.
 He is ginormous for his age!  I took him to his 18 month check-up yesterday and he is in the 80% for height, 33 inches, and in the 90% for weight, 28.4lbs.  I've nicknamed him our Baby Buffalo because he is so rough and tough.  He thinks he can run through anything and anyone in his way. He is constantly on the go and when he sleeps he is out like a light. I recently said, "If Brady is around something is being climbed, broken or eaten." Nothing stops him.  His temperament is very determined, he is curious, he is very joyful, he loves to play, and plays hard.
Some of his favorite things right now are: ducks, tractors, wheels, papaws, uncles, spinning around in circles, his paci at night-night, pushing buttons, playing with Lego Duplos, watching us fill his sippy cup with water from the refrigerator door, hiding and going bye-bye.

Everywhere we go people comment on his beautiful reddish hair. It so soft and feathery and it grows so quickly, just like the rest of him.
 He walks and runs heavy on his feet.  His feet are wide and thick, he wears a 6.5 shoe size. He loves to wear his shoes and will say, "Shooos-un" when he gets up from sleeping. I hate his shoes, they stink terribly, he has very stinky feet when he wears them.
As always, he loves to eat anything, except green beans. His favorite food right now is cheese, he signs cheese for breakfast, lunch and supper.  The other day he kept requesting it and Joe told he couldn't have more.  Brady signed, "More. Cheese. Please." three signs together.
Brady still signs often and he is trying to say new words every day.  He wants to talk badly. The three oldest spent the night with Joe's parents last night.  This morning he walked around the upstairs calling, "Nenna!" Later in the day, he signed "Mamma", the sign for both his grandma's, then he said, "Sissa". He knew where they were and we never said anything about where they were today, he just remembered from dropping them off last night. A few minutes ago, he heard the garage door opening he said, "Da-da!" and I told him Daddy is going to get Sissy, Buddy and Jenna and he signed "Mamma".
Did I say, he can be stubborn and ornery?
We tell him, "No." very often, we take things away from him that he shouldn't have, even more often. It's tough not getting what he wants and being able to act anyway he wants. Toddlerhood is complicated and exhausting, as a child and as a parent.
He hates for us to be upset with him and after getting into trouble will worry that we're mad at him.  He will get in our face and smile really big or laugh, he tries to get Joe to play with him.  It is cute and he knows it works I'm sure!
Sometimes I look at him and see so much work before us, such need for discipline and training.  It's a big task parenting such a strong-willed, strong-bodied, strong-minded little boy. I know already that it's gonna take intentional time, constant prayer and endless patience and grace. Then I see myself, aren't we all in great need of self-control, self-discipline and a self-less attitude.
We call him BradyBoy and Bubba, Jenna calls him Bubby and Joe sometimes calls him "RB" my dad's initials.  We all just love him so, it's hard to believe that he's 19 months.  Joe always says from the moment we found out I was pregnant with him he has been nothing but a joy. It's true, he is a very special little boy, his daily happiness is a reminder of the joy God gave us when we found out he was going to be a part of our family.


Sarann said...

Sweet post, he is such a cutie!

Miranda said...

Thank you Sarann! You are such a faithful commenter and I always appreciate your sweet words! I hope you are doing well!!

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Awesome pictures Miranda. Brady is so CUTE!! (And we have that same stinky feet problem with Maddie...ugh, it's AWFUL!)

Anonymous said...

Such sweet expressions. I have always loved his hair as well.

Nate and Erin said...

With stats like that he may be a football player...big and running through everyone! =) Do you just follow your kids around with a camera to get all these shots? I try that with the girls but always end up fighting with the light or tripping over them. Your pictures are great and he's such a cutie!

leah leah said...

He is SO adorable!! I love how you take time to highlight each child- very special! Lots of memories, never forgotten.

Miranda said...

Erin, I took these in about 10 minutes while I was playing with him. I took 62 pictures total and many I deleted. I have certain places in my house that I know the light shines better and I also know that the morning light is the best time at my house to take pictures. Those are too factors I try not to have to worry about. Of course, there are pictures I take for spur of the moment, but I was hoping for some good ones this time, needed some. His outfit didn't match and his hair really should've been fixed. Honestly I was wishing I had time to get him ready, but I knew he'd be ready for nap and cranky if I tried all that. These did happen to turn out but that doesn't always happen. Thanks!!

Miranda said...

Thanks Leah!!

BARBIE said...

Oh my gosh, he's so cute.