Thursday, July 12, 2012

Goodness it's been awhile!

 June is long gone and July has been flying past so quickly, it's been busy and full of life. Life is great, so rich. I've gotten a bit overtaken by all of our goings and doings and lots of things have fallen behind desperately, blogging isn't the worst of it, for sure.  There is so much to savor and each day my AnneGirl smiles more, gets a little heavier and her cheeks get softer. Have I said we are smitten with her?!
Each day Brady learns to say new things and we have moments with the kids that we laugh about before we go to sleep. Our summer has been full and time here just hasn't been a priority, nor a guilt. I know this time will slow again and things will find a routine.  For now, it makes my head spin but I'm trying to go with it and take mental pictures because my camera never seems close enough and time doesn't stop long enough for me to grab it.
Nearly every corner of my house is in complete disarray and I'm thinking I may have to pull a couple of all-nighters just to get things in place before school starts.  There is so much to do and prepare, I'm excited about starting back soon.  We've been spending great amounts of time with family and playing lots of Rook with them. It's been too hot to do much outside.  We've kept terrible hours, had late bedtimes and late mornings, watched too many movies.
Joseph's learned that he likes to have a faux hawk.  Brady loves his friendship bracelet Bethany made him 4 weeks ago, it's about to fall apart but he is so proud of it.
 The kids are going to an evening VBS this week, they enjoy it but I'll be glad to have free evenings next week. Bethany has been having terrible allergies despite over the counter allergy meds. In the van the kids like to sing along to the radio when this song  and this song come on.
In the chaos of daily life I backed into our garage door with the van, I burnt green beans and I never remember to charge my cell phone until it's gone. But really that's all nothing to complain about.
Enjoy your summer, hopefully it'll rain if you need it. It rained here today, such a great sound!!


Sarann said...

My goodness, I don't know how you do it, my head would be spinning! I'm happy to read that you are all doing well, Anne is so beautiful!

~Mom~ said...

:) Glad to have you back in blog land and thanks for taking the picture of my awesome grand children. I am still blown away and feel abundantly blessed when I see what God has done.
They are beautiful as are their parents.
My heart just overflows.
Love you!