Thursday, August 23, 2012

Funny stuff

Bethany set up a hospital, yesterday after school, in the living room. Anne was her first patient, then Brady. Brady loved it although he was combative and resistant to treatment.
Brady is still sick and most people would run for their life if they heard him breathing and coughing for fear of catching what he has, and I wouldn't blame them. He is slightly better, though the steroids have made him hyper and moody. The NP said it might make him moody OR irritable, imagine that, he is both! So much energy, jumping up and down, then collapsing into a fit because he is mad. One of the kids will come within 3 feet of him, talking sweetly to him and he'll just growl at and swat them. Joe said he has "roid-rage".
Anne is grabbing fistfuls of anything she can get her little fingers on. I try to lay her down and she is tightly hanging on to my shirt. She reaches up to touch my face when I hold her. Her little fingers are feeling and exploring, in her mouth and scratching her face.
Joseph lost another front tooth, all four of his front teeth are gone. We were at a birthday party and he came running up with blood all over his face. He talks even cuter, but I know it's only for a little while. Soon he's gonna have a whole new look...never that little boy smile again.
I took Joseph to the doctor last night, because he was really feeling poorly. He seemed so big, so easy. No fussing and crying over getting his temperature or hesitancy about getting weighed or having his ears looked into. He just sat on the exam table waiting to be seen, I told him, "You're so easy Joseph! Brady wanted to play in the garbage can when he came, doesn't that sound like fun!"
He has always been laid back, easy going. Sometimes he has much to talk about and other times he is quiet and perfectly content to keep to himself. He had been quiet in the back of the van on the way, we talked some while we waited. I'm still figuring out this whole mothering a boy thing, when to start conversation and when to be okay with silence. I don't have this problem with my girls.
Joseph was seen by a doctor he had never met, she commented on his Bass Pro shirt and hat. He started talking to her, telling her he likes hunting better than fishing. She asked him if he was the oldest, after I mentioned Jenna and Brady having been sick. He explained that he wasn't the oldest, he has 3 sisters and 1 brother. They talked about how great it is that he has a brother and Joseph said, "Well, he's a little rascal!"
It's so fun to watch my kids change and grow, Joseph is no longer the little boy screaming bloody murder because he's getting a light shined in his ears, he's no longer the bashful little guy who won't talk to strangers, no longer a little handful in the doctor's office.

Brady is saying things like, "I got vrroom vrroom!" and " 'Ere truck go?"

At lunch today Joseph said, "Sissy, you know having a bright idea is bad luck, right?!" "No it's not!" Bethany said adamantly. "Yes, it is. You know why? You'll get electrocuted!!"
Jenna has been sick for over a week and only has 2 days of antibiotics left, she is starting to sound croupy and has a bad cough, not looking like there is an end to this sickness anytime fast.

The kids were setting the table the other night and Bethany said, "It's been a long time since we had a nice meal and ate supper together." I just looked at her like she was crazy and asked what she meant, we eat together every night. "Well, yeah, but now that Daddy's working we all get to talk about our day and you and Daddy ask, "So how was your day?" I thought that was cute.

Our kids watch alot of I Love Lucy and this morning Bethany asked how come Daddy doesn't pay the bills like Ricky and if Joe gives me an allowance like Ricky gave Lucy. I said no. "I get to spend money if I need something and Lucy didn't pay the bills because she spent the money on things she wanted rather than the bills." Bethany said, "Yeah, well how come Daddy doesn't boss you around like Ricky?" I said, "Ricky and Lucy are both mean to each other, I think." Then Bethany said, "Well, I'm glad you stand up for yourself." This really made me laugh!


Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Bethany and Joseph sound so grown up sometimes! I can't get over how much they've grown. I hope the sickness leaves your household SOON! Sending love and prayers your way.

Mudpiesandtiaras said...

LOL! That is too funny about the I love lucy! Too cute