Thursday, August 2, 2012

Holding tiny grasps of today

Bethany and Joe go back and forth often over her getting married one day.  She has always said that she will never get married and wants to live with us forever. We certainly aren't opposed to that, but Joe likes to tease her by saying things like, "When you get married..." and she'll remind him she isn't getting married. Recently they went back and forth about her having kids and Joe told her he wanted to be a grandpa one day.
This week my sister spent some time with Bethany one on one and told me some of their conversations. I thought this part was especially cute and wanted to remember it. Here is part of an email where my sister quoted what Bethany said she wants to be when she grows up...
As of yesterday it was a pediatrician, vet, a person who delivers babies or just a plain ole doctor. Or she may just get married and stay home like you. And then in her words "But don't tell Daddy that because I don't want to get his hopes up that I'm getting married."
For a while Bethany had Joseph and Jenna convinced to live a life of singleness and Joseph still is leaning toward her stance, sometimes they talk about getting an apartment together one day. Which defeats the whole living with us forever thing, I know.  Jenna our little rebel has decided she'll probably get married one day because she wants to have children. :)
All of the kids are at the age of thinking kissing and affection is gross and erupt in disgust saying, "Ohh, Noo!" and cover their eyes if they see Joe and I kissing or it's on a movie. Their response was so bad today while watching something appropriate on TV and so automatic that I had a flash forward of us being at a wedding and all of my children bursting out appalling moans. Can you imagine how embarrassing that would be!? So, I talked with them and told them they didn't have to go on and on vocally about it and they could just look away.  Jenna said, "Well, I would never kiss a stranger Mommy, only my husband!!"
Jenna says all kinds of funny stuff. Recently she walked into the kitchen while I was cooking supper and said, "Mommy my tummy hurts, I think it's either gas or diarrhea."
She and Bethany were having a tea party with their cousin Lilly and Lilly told them they should call their boyfriends and have them come to the party. Bethany adamently told Lilly, "We don't have boyfriends!" "Well, that's okay you can be single." she replied. Then Jenna piped up and said, "I'll just call my husband then." :)
 Jenna had a sucker in bed before nap time one day this week. Just because sometimes it's fun to say yes unexpectedly and I know it's hard taking naps when you're four.
Brady ate a bite of the bar of baby soap this week, I found that he spit it out in the hallway later that day.
Our neighbor had some dirt delivered by dump truck one day and Brady sat and watched out the window until it left.
 Sometimes he's patient enough to let Bethany read to him.  This week he has taken an interest in books about Thomas the Tank Engine.
We've kinda did a little tiny bit of school one day this week. Just to get our toes wet and see where we need to start. In ways I was surprised that they hadn't forgotten everything, in ways I was overwhelmed by everything we have to regain. It was good though, I'll have realistic expectations on Monday.
Anne is growing oh-so cuter and sweeter by the day. I like this new little phase we are in, things always lighten up at the 3 month mark and it's happened again. She sleeps through the night suddenly and is awake long periods of the day. She has been sucking on her fingers, even spitting out her paci to put her fingers in her mouth. She has been blowing lots of bubbles and smiling more and more.
 I love her so, it's powerful!!
I'm trying to savor these last few days of summer break, it's been a long one. I'm ready to get back into school, but it's been a really great summer. God is good to transition us from a family of 6 to 7 over a 3 month summer break.
So much is ever changing here, I told Joe this morning, "It's like I woke up one day and I have five kids!" Time doesn't stand still, it's precious with these little children and they are growing so quickly. Bethany was giving me her birthday list yesterday morning and I realized it will be a year or two more and she won't be asking for certain dress up and dolls for her birthday.
These days are long, but when you turn around yesterday passed to quickly. There is so much to say, and so little time to say it. So I gather little pieces and try to tuck them away for later.

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