Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quick notes

We have been making friendship bracelets in our spare time. Bethany had an order for 80 and committed to have them by Sunday! She didn't complain once, she is eager to raise money for Convoy of Hope.

I can't listen to this song  too much, it's on repeat and played very loudly. Brady loves it and dances around in the middle of the floor.

Joseph had his first incident with a pocket knife, I knew it wouldn't be long. He wants one badly. He snuck it out and cut his thumb, not badly thankfully.

The kids camped out in the tent the past 3 nights, in the living room floor.

Brady is saying more words this week, medicine, cereal and pizza.

I am making plans for a surprise birthday party for a certain so to be 8 year old. 8! It's exciting, I've been awake at night thinking about it and how to make it perfect.

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BARBIE said...

Bethany is quite the determined little girl. I know God has great plans for her life. She has such a desire to help others. Sorry about Joseph and the pocket knife. So thankful the cut wasn't bad. How fun to camp out in the back yard. Enjoy these last couple of months of nice weather. Can't wait to hear all about the upcoming surprise party!