Monday, September 24, 2012

Beginning a new week

I'm thankful fall is here, this chilly weather makes me very happy! We had our yard sale and the kids raised $70! They were hoping for $100 but I think $70 is awesome. So proud of them and their work to have it, of course I'm glad it's over now!!
My sister was over this weekend and I asked her to grab some clothes for Brady, she dressed him up like this and then took him into the yard for an impromptu photoshoot. {Super cute and I would never have dressed him like this!}
He is a mess, such a busy boy, always into something and making messes. He has learned how to take his clothes off. His clothes are always a dirty, every time he eats, which is more than average. This morning he had oatmeal and by the time he was finished his bib was in the floor, his pj's a covered and he had oatmeal in his hair. I asked him why he was being a dirty rat and he shocked me when he answered, "Because." Then he continued to answer, "Because." to everything I asked him.
Brady likes playing with Joseph's toy guns and says, "Shoot." {Missing his pants and a dirty shirt. See I told you!}
Last week he started saying, Charlotte and now when he is looking for Anne or worried about her because she is crying he'll say, "Onne Char-ditt."
Anne Charlotte is good. I am convinced that she knows when Joe is home on the weekend. I think she hears his voice and is more fussy because she knows he is here and she wants him to hold her. She definitely loves being in his arms.
Happy Monday! It's been a very hectic morning here but I'm determined to see it through!!


Sarann said...

Cute photos! Have a great week!

Nate and Erin said...

Hehe, Brady and Selah both have similar eating habits...I feel like she needs a bath after every meal- one of ther favorite things to do is spit a bite out in her hands, look at it, then put it back in her mouth....and then she'll use her food-covered fingers to twirl her hair making it gross too. Anne is so cute. She reminds me of Selah when she was that age. Cute pictures of Brady in the tie. He looks like a little man instead of the toddler he is.